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No Limits trackdays brings in back protector rule

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Last year, UK track day provider No limits and circuit operator MSV brought in the mandatory brake lever guard rule for all track day participants, and rightly so. For 2022, No limits trackdays and MSV are also making back protectors mandatory.

4SR internals with back protector

From 1st March 2022, all riders on an MSV or No limits track day must wear a back protector, with the factory OE spec neoprene foam pad insert seen as the minimum standard. Stand-alone CE approved units like the Knox Aegis back protector offers an alternative and also up the protection. Riders who use airbags, or full airbag suits also do not need to wear a back protector.

Are airbag suits worth it?

It will be hard to see how it will be policed, I would guess it will be checked at the same time as your bike is noise tested, and a sticker or wristband issued. Either way, it’s only a good thing that riders are being forced to wear more protection, hopefully lessening injuries.

Knox’s Aegis back protector

There are also a number of changes to licence requirements, with Nolimits insurance providers requiring riders, to have a motorcycle licence. Anglesey, Croft, Lydden Hill and Mallory will allow riders on a restricted/A1/A2 licence as will a valid ACU licence. MSV circuits will require an ACU licence or a full DVLA licence.

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