We take a look at some of the latest motorcycle accessories

Worx hydroshot – review

Cleaning a bike is certainly not as fun as riding it, but obviously, nobody wants to be riding a dirty…

Do I need a trickle charger? We look at the Optimate duo

In short, using a trickle charger can often take the hassle out of battery maintenance. Trickle chargers are designed to…

Almax Series IV Chain
and Squire lock review

“We take a look at one of the thickest chains on the
market to really see if it’s as good as Almax say it is,
and how 3 years of use can affect it”

Moto GP20 review

MotoGP 20; Is it better than last year?

“We take to the track to see if Milestone’s latest
racing game is an improvement on
last years formula”

Michelin Road 5 review

Michelin Road 5

“Michelin’s brand new all-weather tyre takes
aim at the previous Pilot Road 4 and boasts
a massive improvement.”

Moto GP 19 Review

Moto GP 2019 Review

“The latest rendition of the Official series game from Milestone.
Great for 10 mins, or 350 hours!”

Unlimited Passion

Unlimited Passion Cleaning Products

“A range of great motorcycle cleaning products,
making it easy and hassle-free to clean a motorbike!”

Bridgestone RS10 review

Bridgestone RS10

“Bridgestone and their Hypersport fast road and trackday tyre,
tested on the slippy roads of Shropshire!”

Scottoiler review

Scottoiler V-system review

“Chain lubrication without the hassle!”

Metzeler Roadtec 01 Review

Metzeler Roadtec 01 Tyre

“Touring tyres on a sports bike,
surely you can’t be serious?
They were being serious.”

Auritech Biker earplug review

Auritech biker Earplugs

“Using these earplugs has completely changed my riding.
I feel less fatigued after long rides,
and can hear things I couldn’t before!”

Muc-off Nanotec Motorcycle cleaner review

Muc-off Nanotec Motorcycle cleaner

“Bottles of pink cleaning goodness,
which annihilates dirt and grim. Spray on,
agitate and wash off.”

Power RS review

Michelin Power RS tyre

“Unleash your full potential with Michelin’s
new fast road/track-day tyre.
Quick warm-up,
with fantastic grip and life”

Tru-Tension chain monkey

Tru Tension Chain Monkey

“Useful gadget for checking and setting correct chain tension.
So simple anybody can use it!”

Tru Tension Bananasplit

Tru Tension BananaSplit

“Banana scented chain lubes and waxes with low fling properties”

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