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Christmas motorcycle gift ideas

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Christmas is coming, and this year is going to be very different from the normal. We’ve compiled a list of gifts any motorcyclist will be happy to receive.

We also know some people can be fussy. Buying a gift for their favourite hobby can only go down well!

Gift cards

There are gift cards for everything these days, from rider training to track days, brand new gear, and even vehicle servicing. The great thing about these gift cards, they take ages to expire, so when something takes your fancy it’s ready to go!

Last for ages and lets the person in question use it for what they want! Minimal fuss! What’s not to love?

Bike & Gear cleaning kit

Most motorcyclists (not Alex) like to keep their pride and joys in pristine condition. Any motorcyclist will be very happy to receive cleaning gifts to help with this! With a wide range of cleaners, waxes, and ceramic coatings for the bike, leather and gear cleaners for everything else. You can’t go wrong with some cleaning kit.

a selection of cleaning products for making your ride shine

Rider training / Track day vouchers

Does your rider fancy themselves as the next Rossi? Give them a chance to experience the track, or have them sent for some extra training by the professionals.

I couldn’t think of any rider who’d refuse track time. Not many would refuse the chance to learn from the best about how to take racing skills and apply them to the road safely.

You can read Alex’s review of Ron Haslam’s Race school here

Ron Haslam Race school
Alex demonstrating some of those track skills you could learn on a track day

Casual clothing

Always a favourite, clothing lets you subtly (or not so subtly) show off your love for bikes when you’re off the bike. Clothing is something we use to show off our hobbies and values and biking should be included in that. Off the bike, clothing ranges from softshell jackets and fleeces, all the way to T-shirts, socks, hats and even belts. You can’t go amiss helping your favourite rider show off their passion when not on the bike.

An RST Hoodie to keep you warm during those cold cold winter track days. Image courtesy of RST.

Motorcycle parts

Getting all those nice bits and bobs for your bike can eventually add up, especially when you buy nice parts. Quality accessories and components don’t come cheap, however, the good stuff usually lasts the longest.

Protecting your pride and joy is often a battle, protection costs money, but so do replacement expensive engine covers if they get damaged, or scuffed and battered forks.

Protective kits such as the R&G engine case, frame sliders, fork protectors and crash bobbins are all good choices, along with fancy swing-arm stands such as GDH racing’s carbon swing-arm hooks.


Everybody needs multiple mugs, be that one for the office and a few for home, or just to replace that one where the stains just won’t go away.

Mugs are simple, yet used basically every day and are essential for many. Why not get a mug that’s better than the rest and shows off your love for bikes. Instantly recognizable as ‘your mug’, a biking themed mug should be on every bikers’ wish list.

motorcycle mug

Phone case?

Everybody has a phone these days, and many of them are not as indestructible as the trusty old 3310. Surely that expensive phone deserves a case to protect it, and what better than a custom case in the style of your favourite rider! Check out the epic styles from TT Cases with your favourite riders like Peter Hickman, McPint, Joey and Dean Harrison, to iconic TT signs, along with Southern 100 and Classic TT designs. Certain designs will send a donation to charity too!

motorcycle phone case
Any of these take your fancy?

Good earplugs

A lot of people do prefer to have one of those sweet jars full of foam earplugs on hand, however in terms of waste management and being a little greener, a pair of good re-usable earplugs can go a long way.

Most come with their own little canister or case to keep them safe and contained. Some opt to use silicone or foam tips whilst others have a complete rubber construction but all are designed to fit all ears. Earplugs are very unique to different people. Maybe you could even go down the custom moulded earplug route, but that comes at a premium!

We’ve covered the Auritech earplugs here

motorcycle earplugs
Loop or Auritech?

Bike drier

If you enjoy cleaning your bike just as much as riding it, no doubt the pain after washing is the water droplets still left on the bike! Conventional methods like a chamois can still damage paintwork with microscopic dust or dirt particles. The modern method is to use a motorcycle blow dryer. Effectively just a male version of a hairdryer with some extra muscle. Specific motorcycle dryers like the Bruhl MD2800 retail at around £230. The Ridewithpeaks top tip is to use a pet dryer from a well-known auction site for the same product at much less of a price!

image courtesy of Bruhl


Most racers have released a biography at this point, why not gift your favourite wannabe racer a copy? Dive deep into the childhoods of people such as Guy Martin (with his 3 books), John McGuiness, or Michael Rutter. Also Mat Oxley’s stealing speed books provide a fantastic insight, as does David Emmet’s MotoMatters.

Reading is something we should all do more of, and just after Christmas, pre-turkey filled nap would be a great time to start off. The nights around that time are bleak also, with terrible re-runs on the telly so why not skip them and read about some of your favourite racers?

That’ll last you a while!

Nice hat!

An easy cover-up for that post-ride helmet hair, a hat can always be useful to bikers. We all know the feeling of taking the lid off only to see in your mirror that you look ridiculous with your hair all over the place. Failing that if you are a baldie, then you can wear a hat and fool everybody as well as keeping the wind off the head!

It’s also now getting into winter, so hats are a must. Beanies will keep you toastie in the winter whilst being compact and easy to carry.

Many brands offer beanies, from Shoei all the way to MotoGP themselves having an officially licenced beanie. So why not chip in for a small beanie to help fight off the cold and keep your hair under control.

Guy Martin’s beanies come in loads of patterns and colours too!

Can never have enough tools?

Still don’t know where those 10mm sockets or spanners went? Why not gift a replacement set of sockets or spanners for every fettler and fiddler. You can never have too many, and they’ll always go missing, rolling away somewhere in the garage or shed, so why not have a few backup sets.

You could also consider a better travel tool kit, to replace the standard set that comes in most bikes (and barely ever contains anything you actually need).

Tyre pressure gauges are a useful addition to the tool kit, as are pumps, or even portable puncture repair kits.

Now, where did that 10mm go?

Knee sliders

Does your recipient spend a lot of time on the track? Potentially they’re one of the few who can get their knee down on the road too. Either way, knee sliders can never be a bad option and they come in many different sizes, shapes and colours!

RST Knee sliders
Fancy pink RST sliders (Limited edition F13K Cancer version)

A GoPro perhaps?

Is your giftee an avid explorer, track day rider, budding moto vlogger or traveller? Do they go on long road trips and often recall the sights and memories? Why not have them show you instead! A GoPro has so many uses nowadays from humble trip recording to logging your white water rafting experience, or even as a ‘helmet cam’ for those unmissable moments on the road!

Go-Pro Hero6
GoPro Hero6

Failing that multiple brands of 360-degree cameras are available on the market capturing every angle.

Stuff to stop the bad guys!

Some people may think that these security systems are a bit expensive, or over the top and therefore won’t buy it for themselves, however, they probably won’t turn it down if it’s a gift. Disc locks for the rider who never has one, alpha dot or datatag for that very expensive bike, and big chains for those who want extra peace of mind when locking their bike up after a hard days ride.

Not sure what to get? Try a read of our security round-up here

Automatic chain oilers!

Does your rider whine about maintaining their chain? Is lubing it up a hassle for them? Do they always forget? Well, a Scottoiler system may be exactly what they need. Powered by the bike when on the road, a Scottoiler keeps the chain lubricated without having to do anything yourself!
If you’re not sure about one, why not read our review?

Scottoiler Kit
Picture from Scottoiler

Pro-Bolt fixing kits

If your person in mind has complained about losing a screw, or they’ve just bought a second-hand bike, but a few bolts missing, Pro-Bolt have you covered. With simple and affordable kits for almost every bike out there you can’t go wrong, just make sure you pick the right model bike. With fasteners available in Stainless steel, aluminium or lightweight titanium, Pro-Bolt supply to every class of racing, so why not get them on your pride and joy.

If Pro-Bolt don’t do a complete kit, fixings are always available separately and as well as combination boxes and trays.

Pro-Bolt fixings

An OptiMate Duo!

After reading our article on trickle chargers (a great read if you haven’t), an OptiMate Duo would be an excellent gift for that biker putting away their bike for storage this winter!

Not only does it top up your battery with charge, but it can undo some damage that happens when batteries overheat, making a trickle charger a great small investment.

Optimate duo review
Complete with a weatherproof adapter cord which can be easily hidden, the OptiMate Duo has kept all three bikes here with flawless batteries.