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In 2016 two brothers developed an obsession with motorcycles. We always had an interest in bikes but never took the plunge to actually ride.

It all started off at an early age. Our dad used to race lightweight class two-stroke machines in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The next wild adventure was to start racing hovercraft. Powered by 250cc liquid-cooled two strokes, it was great full-throttle fun. Many nights were spent rebuilding engines on the kitchen table ready for the next weekend’s action.

This ended when Alex was old enough to drive and his passion quickly turned to 4 wheels. For some reason in 2015 he decided to sell up all the cars and masses of parts acquired and swap 4 wheels for two.

Ben, however, was never interested in motorcycles or cars. A very keen sportsman playing rugby, Ju Jitsu and Judo most nights of the week and weekends. It was as Alex got into bikes that Ben decided it was time to learn as well. We both decided to start blogging about our experiences, and we started our social media accounts.

Ridewithpeaks was born.

Since then Alex has passed his full UK A licence and has progressed to get further advanced riding qualifications. Ben Has passed his UK A2 licence. 

Between us, we have a great skillset. We both enjoy riding bikes and photography, a great combination together. Ben has an enormous creative streak, with photo and video editing, and website design. Alex has a technical mind so enjoys getting down and dirty tinkering and fixing bikes. He also enjoys creative writing and manages social media.

As of October 2017, Ben headed off to university to study Biomedical Science, so his riding is on hold, although you may still find him wandering around with the camera!

about ridewithpeaks

Alex is resisting the temptation to turn the SV into a mini-twin racer without Ben knowing.

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