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Scottoiler V-System Review and instructions

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Scottoiler Kit

I’ve tried loads of chain lubes, but one that always gets discussed is Scottoilers. With the GSXF on the road, and me increasing the mileage I use it for, it was time to try a lubricant, with less hassle. Here’s the review for the Scottoiler V-System.

The Scottoiler concept has been around since the 70s’ when Fraser Scott wore out his chain riding between Manchester and Glasgow most weekends. The company is still family-owned and is the market leader in chain oiling systems, with Motorcycle, bicycle and even industrial products in the range.

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Evolution now sees conventional vacuum systems, replaced with electronic pumped variants, but the principle remains the same. Pumping a liquid lubricant from a tank, to the chain while on the move.

Scottoiler Kit
Scottoiler V-system

With the GSXF being the main workhorse of the RideWithPeaks stable, being used for commuting and distance in all weathers and conditions, it’s a good test vehicle.  

Running off engine vacuum has no effect on performance with the added bonus of not draining the battery!

The Scottoiler V-System runs off an engine vacuum, which opens the valve on one end of the reservoir. Gravity pushes the chain lubricant through the tube down to the nozzle. The nozzle is directed at the chain and sprocket.

Scottoiler instructions
Simple concept, perfectly executed

The rate of oil flow is adjustable through a valve on top of the unit. Useful for setting a base depending on the bike, but also the type of riding and road conditions.

 The oil itself is a Scottoiler, specially developed grade purpose made for the task and available in high and low temps, red and blue. Blue is the regular oil which is suitable for ambient temperatures of 0 to 30 degrees C. The red grade is a high-temperature grade which will go from 20 – 40 degrees C.

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The oil does not feel sticky like a regular chain lube. This makes sure the oil has a low pick up, meaning small particles so not stick to the chain. As everybody knows chain wear can be accelerated when dirt particles get in and form the black grinding paste. The other bonus with a less sticky oil is that it can actively flush away dirt from the chain.

Scottoiler V-System Easy to fit, great instructions and Youtube guides!

Fitting is easy, the kit comes with everything needed, and the instructions are easy to follow. Slot the T piece into a vacuum hose from the carbs, route the tube to the reservoir which needs to be secured using the included ties. It needs to be positioned as close to vertical as possible, and in an accessible area to make refilling easier.

The tube and nozzle which applies the lubricant need to be positioned. I ran mine along the rear subframe and down along the swingarm, giving it plenty of excess length to account for suspension compression and extension. More ties secure the tube, and the nozzle itself has a self-adhesive mount. 

Scottoiler fitting
Fitted and ready for action

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I opted for the optional Scorpion dual injector. This adds another nozzle, for added precision to both inside and outside of the chain, which increases lubrication to the chain, without using any extra juice.

Supplied in the kit is enough oil to cover 5000 miles. Refill bottles are readily available through Scottoiler and priced at £7.99 for 250ml or £10.99 for 500ml. Prices are the same for both blue and red oils.

Find the Goldilocks point and then forget about it

A personal recommendation would be to start the oiler on a very low setting and open the flow valve progressively until you find the Goldilocks point. Scottoiler recommends one drip every 60 seconds, but I found this too excessive, and it caused an over lubricated chain and slight splattering. Starting low and working upwards would stop this. Some fling is natural for the oil to do its cleansing work to rid dirt articles. Being a none sticky and light grade oil, the excess is easily wiped away.

Once the Scottoiler V-System is set, it’s hassle-free, and the only maintenance required is to check the fluid level and top up as needed. Sometimes a manual clean with some chain cleaner and a rag helps to keep everything looking fresh. One reservoir sees me get 2000 miles, which is more than Scottoilers book figure. My chain is still clean and lubed enough for me.

Click here for Scottoiler V-System instructions

Being such a simple system, it can be transferred to any bike. The T-Piece is multi-use, and taking the system off leaves no trace on the old bike. Just remember to recalibrate the unit onto the new bike as different bikes will have different vacuum pressures.

Priced at £100, this device is a one time buy. As said earlier it’s swappable to any bike, so if you change bike retro fitment is easy. Even on time alone saved over the past few months I have been using it, has paid for itself. There really is no hassle, you can just get on with enjoying riding, and surely that is what everybody wants!

Find out more on Scottoiler V-System here on the Scottoiler website.