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Unlimited Passion Thunderbolt wipes

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I enjoy a shiny looking bike as much as everybody else, but I’m not obsessional about it. What makes matters worse is the monumental task washing of machinery turns typically into. Unlimited Passion sent me some cleaning products to try and change my mind.

Unlimited passion products are a great alternative to using a pressure wash

Unlimited passion
The Unlimited Passion cleaning line up

Unfortunately, I don’t have an outside tap to plumb a pressure wash into, so this means lugging bucket after bucket of soapy water outside, and of course, spilling most of its contents. This makes more mess to clean up, which turns a simple half-hour job into many hours of boredom, which could be spent riding.

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Unlimited Passion (Unpass for short) has a range of waterless cleaners which are perfect for the job. I have been using their products for the past 18 months, which has been handy given my pressure washer predicament. The cleaning agents come premixed in spray bottles and are supplied with a microfibre cleaning cloth for buffing to a shine afterwards.

Their range of cleaners includes ‘Ultimate’ a Snowfoam in a can. ‘Addict’ a waterless cleaner and protectant. ‘Red Effect’ an acid-free wheel cleaner, ‘Ungrease’ a chain degreaser and cleaner and the well-known ‘Thunderbolt’ cleaning wipes.

Canned snowfoam
Sometimes you just have to be messy

Unlimited Passion Thunderbolt cleaning wipes

The cleaning wipes see a soft cloth used to catch and collect dirt, they come pre-impregnated in a cleaning solution. The wipes are safe to use on all surfaces be it carbon fibre, paint, plastic or raw metals like stainless or titanium and again comes supplied with a microfibre cloth. Great for touching up after a ride plus I carry a few out with me in the photography bag for those pre photoshoot touch-ups. A tub contains 80 wipes, and it takes roughly 4 (maybe 3 at a real push) to wash the whole bike, so that’s 20 washes per tub. I like to chuck a bucket of water of the bike before wiping to remove any massive deposits or sediment, plus it also helps the dirt collect into the wipe.

Cleaning wipes
You can actually see it work. The brown streak was a fly!

Unlimited Passion Ultimate – Snow foam in a can

Snow foam in a can makes life easy. With it in can form it really is as simple as shake the can, and spray on. It creates a microfoam on the surface if you watch you can see it lift the dirt and debris off the surface. It works well with baked-on bugs that set like concrete, they end up falling off and flow away with the suds. Dry it off with the microfibre leaving a dry surface with wicked shine.

Waterless cleaner saves on bucket use!

The Addict waterless cleaner does exactly what it says on the tin. Spray it on, and give it a good buff with the microfibre. It contains a degreasing agent to remove bugs and dirt, and also protects by leaving a water repellent finish making it harder for bugs and dirt to stick to the paint. This is a great feature, meaning the next cleaning session takes an even shorter amount of time. I personally used this all over the bike. However, I wouldn’t recommend using it on rubber or black plastics, after using it on the seat, it became rather slippery, and I can only attribute it to this.

Unlimited passion
See it has changed colour?

A wheel cleaner which actually works

Red effect wheel cleaner sees a Non-caustic, PH neutral wheel cleaner. Brilliant for attacking baked on brake dust and that chain lube that seems to cling to the rear wheel. Spray it on and watch as the spray turns red, and starts to work. I didn’t even agitate it with a brush just sprayed it on, left it to work while making a brew, and then rinsed it off. This stuff is seriously impressive. I’m quite obsessive over clean wheels, it’s my thought that if you have nice wheels, you’ve got to show them off. The colour and shine of the wheels on the R1 really need to be on display. Previously when I have cleaned wheels, there has always been some chain lube that just never seems to shift no matter how much scrubbing you do. Red effect just munches through and lifts it off easy.  

Unlimited passion wipes
Red effect wheel cleaner in action

Overall the products are fantastic, the pricing is spot on, the quality is excellent, delivery is fast and new products are always entering their range.

For more information on the Unlimited Passion, range visit here.