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Queensferry Moto Routes – A new take on motorcycle touring

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If there’s one thing we’ve learnt throughout and after lockdown, it’s to get out more and enjoy what you want to do. This gave Gary and John the idea, of getting bikers together, and showing them the best roads they know, combining that with tours to the best local attractions, eating the best local food, and of course, mega sights too.

The first tour saw Gary and John take over a dozen Twitter users on what got quickly dubbed, the Whiskey tour, for a four-day ride around the Scottish highlands. Of course, this cemented the idea, proved its reality and made mega biking tours.

The idea was a simple one. Arrange to meet like-minded riders from social media and take them on a tour of some of the best riding roads Scotland has to offer. It was a roaring success with great company, non-stop laughs, and stunning roads. We made new friends for life so the decision to set up QMR was an easy one

Gary Dale – Queensferry Moto Routes

With tours ranging from a couple of days to a completely custom trip for any duration you desire, QMR can cater for what you wish. With all the planning taken care of, so you literally just have to turn up and ride. No worrying about sorting routes, accommodation or food, Gaz and John will sort all of that for you.

Check out the website for the latest information and a list of tours and prices available.

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