Buddy Keyrings

Sometimes small novelty items can be great successes. Buddy keyrings messaged me a couple of months ago to ask if I wanted to take some photographs of their product in a motorcycle scenario. I loved the product and thought it was a great idea, so I thought why not.
What’s not to love? Lego style heads with a paracord body and metal key ring loop and coloured lego helmet, all customizable to your fancy. I had to go with white, black and blue to match the GSXR though, naturally. Since getting him he’s been everywhere with me and he’s never moaned or complained, unlike some of the others I ride with. He’s never got me lost, but the only thing he does do is skimp on buying the tea. I think a redesign is needed.

Since the original was released more styles are being launched. Featuring famous Star wars, superhero and other film characters including Harry Potter and of course Donald Trump. My particular favourite, the aliens from toy story. You know the “Stranger from the outside……ooooooooo” ones, and yes, I know that you read that in their voice!
Great anywhere, I now find them on car, house and bike keys and also the zipper pull on my leathers, pretty much everywhere I can put them. A great way to liven up a boring set of keys, and share your journey with, and it’s always a talking point when people notice.

Another new range is also launching soon, complete with more family favourites, so I am really excited to add some more to the collection!

Get yours at Buddy Keyrings

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