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Worx Hydroshot cordless pressure washer- review

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In my mind, cleaning a bike is not as fun as riding it, but obviously, nobody wants to be riding a dirty bike. Quite the conundrum. Modern washing methods have moved on since using a bucket and sponge, the big thing these days is using a pressure washer and or snow foam. Unfortunately for those, who don’t have an outside tap, a pressure wash can be an issue, until now, with the Worx Hydroshot range.

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Go hoseless with the Worx Hydroshot

Cordless power cleaners are now a thing. Note the term power cleaner; it’s certainly not as powerful as mains powered pressure wash. Finding mains power in the middle of nowhere can be hard. The Worx Hydroshot uses 20V Lithium-Ion power battery pack, which is rechargeable and shared throughout the whole Worx range, be it lawnmowers, chainsaws, or rotary buffers. Without having to use a hose reel to a fixed tap, also makes the Worx pressure washer super practical.

Worx Hydrashot
Worx Hydroshot cordless pressure washer

In addition to moving away from a mains power source, the Worx pressure cleaner can also use an external water source, anything as small as a water bottle. I’ve got an old 10-litre waterbutt which gives ample water capacity for cleaning a bike. Cleaning power will always be increased if using a proper garden hose though. The practical aspect allows me to put a small container of water in with me when out mountain biking. This lets me blast off mud and dirt after a ride before chucking it back in the car.

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The Worx Hydroshot comes with a long hose with a float and filter allowing the use with freshwater sources, such as rivers, streams lakes or even garden water catchers. The float allows the filter to collect water from the surface away from any mud. It can also be used with warm water should you require more cleaning power and many attachments on the lance end, such as foaming bottles, and soft brushes.

Worx Hydroshot battery life

The Worx Hydroshot is lightweight, weighing in at 1.6kg with the extension lance plugged in. Easy to move around, and the charge on the battery has easily lasted me cleaning two motorcycles and the mountain bike a few times after muddy rides out. I take it with me in the boot to quickly blast off any mud before loading it back onto the rack.

Cordless pressure wash
Mains free pressure washer

Despite being lesser in power than a mains pressure wash, this isn’t actually a disadvantage. Large heavy-duty pressure washers, can be so powerful that the volume of water can cause harm to components. With the Worx Hydroshot being a lower pressure device, it can look after seals and bearings, by not throwing as much water at them.

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How much is it?

I’ve been using the WG629E.1 model, which features a two-speed motor, and a £150 RRP. Some bargains are available on other online retailers. If you require more cleaning power the Worx WG630E.1  add more power for an extra £50. It’s a great price for the product you get.

Worx hydrashot
Adjustable spray pattern on the lance

The hydroshot comes with an adjustable nozzle, giving direct single stream, or various angles of the spray pattern. Single stream brings the most power but cleaning area coverage suffers.

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Overall whilst I’ve been using the Worx Hydroshot WG626, there hasn’t been anything it couldn’t do. I’ve washed the car, the motorbikes and even take it out with me when mountain biking, giving the bike a blast-off afterwards. Overall it’s a great tool, if a mains powered pressure washer is impractical, or you don’t have an outside tap.

Cordless cleaning
20v rechargeable LI-ION battery

For more information check out the Worx website.