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2020 KTM Super Duke R teaser!

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KTM have released yet another teaser video, for the new Super Duke R, this time showing us lots more! As with most manufacturers these days the chase seems to be just as much fun as the catch. With more and more elaborate teaser videos emerging, the latest from KTM shows the ‘Prototype’ 2020 Super duke R being blasted around the Almeria circuit in Spain.

KTM Superduke R
Rival to the new class of Hypernakeds?

In typical KTM Superduke R Style, it’s shown in full hoonigan mode, with wheelies, burnouts and endless knee downs. The soundtrack is filled with lots of noise, most makes the main soundtrack we all want to hear (that of the bike) inaudible, however there are glimpses into what it sounds like, with that bark and burble we all know from the Superduke R.

2020 KTM SuperDuke R

It does, however, add more questions. The front view shows the now favoured ram air duct air intake, with white panelling either side. Are the white panels going to be replaced with lighting units for the final production version?

SuperDuke R
Integrated rear light cluster incoming?

Integrated light and number plate option?

The story is the same for the rear end, the sleek race-style design asks questions whether it will stay like this and run an integrated light system on the number plate holder like with the new BMW S1000RR.

SuperDuke R exhaust
Single exit, Moto GP Style can

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The single-sided swingarm remains, and on the opposite side to the swingarm is the single outlet Akrapovic exhaust. This looks like a full straight-through race system with no catalytic converter so evidently won’t be Euro 5 compliant, but will be one of the first modifications done by owners.

KTM Power Parts
Carbon panelling and possible Power Part upgrades

Factory supplied power part options

The video also shows possibilities of Power part upgrades. KTM has always had a fantastic back-catalogue of optional extras and additions, and it looks like the new Super Duke R is no different. Carbon panels, adjustable rear sets, and even a full factory KTM pit board feature in the video.

Also visible on the WP suspension is a system similar to Showa’s BFF system used on the GSXRR, and also commonly seen in Endurance racing. With KTM owning WP, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see trick suspension, however, if this is special suspension just for the prototype and the production model will come with semi-active electric suspension like on the super adventure, time will only tell.

KTM Powerparts
Carbon fibre front mudguard

Whether this ‘Lightweight’ KTM Power part, the slick-equipped prototype will be an offering from KTM is yet to be seen. A track day ready Superduke R would be mega. The fairing design looks more aerodynamic based, with air cut outs, much like the new Kawasaki ZH2 (see here for spy shots of that)

KTM SuperDuke
Trellis frame and angular design it sleek and beautiful.

Conspiracy theory alert!

The video also shows some interesting, thought-provoking ‘coincidental’ happenings which could send the conspiracy theorists into overdrive! Check this out!

KTM SuperDuke R 2020
Austrian dig at Italy? Mapping 8 Jorge?

Watch the Teaser video below

The next version will surely be the official unveiling of the new model at Eicma, Milan in a few weeks.