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2020 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR

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Honda has unwrapped the brand new 2020 Fireblade in a new video starring some guy called Marc Marquez. As good as it was, the previous Fireblade, was being left behind by the competition. It has struggled both on the road and the race track. The previous generation fireblade was great, so surely the new one should be even better?

Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR
Some guy called Marc Marquez features in the release video

Honda decided to go big for 2020 with a new bike, and superstar line up for World Superbikes. With Alvaro Bautista already signed, and Leon Haslam being touted for the vacant seat, and no doubt a queue around the corner for BSB and IOM rides.

New Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR wings

As with the Ducati V4R last year, the new blade features Aerodynamic wings which help both braking and cornering stability. Honda claims they make as much downforce as the 2018 Moto GP machine.

2020 Fireblade
The aggressively styled rear end

With the latest generation of superbikes all making north of 200 horsepower, the previous generation blade made a lowly 189. This has been addressed with the new 2020 Fireblade making 215. More than all of its rivals, bar the ultra-exclusive V4R which makes 217 in standard trim.

HRC Paint colours
Stunning HRC paint job

Read more about the previous generation fireblade

To make this power figure, Honda has used identical bore and stroke as the Moto GP RCV213-V at 81mm and 48.5 respectively. Other changes include the use of finger cam followers instead of the previous bucket method. The cams have a Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating which reduces friction, used on the ultra-ultra-ultra exclusive RCV213V-S.

2020 Fireblade dashboard
Dashboard with lean angle gauge!

BMW also used the Diamond Like Coating (DLC) on their maintenance-free chain!

We get a full suite of electronics including adjustable rider modes, traction control settings and launch control. The SP gets an up and down quick shifter. Slightly disappointing the standard does not. This was a gripe on the previous standard edition, this should be a standard on sports bikes.


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Honda Fireblade dashboard

A new dashboard layout shows more info than we will ever need to see. This includes a lean angle gauge, which reads up to only 60 degrees, not Marc’s now famous 70! Electronic keyless ignition also smartens up the top yoke area.

Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR
Electric Ohlins, Brembo brakes on the SP

The SP retains its electronic Ohlins like the previous generation SP, with Brembo brakes and master cylinder. One noteworthy point is the positioning of the Brembo rear brake calliper. Positioned at 4 O Clock to the brake disc this should make for easier wheel changes on the track, but also helps to get mass lower down.

2020 Fireblade WIngs
We get wings!

CBR1000R Fireblade. Hooray for proper belly pans and wings!

We get wings, and better yet a proper belly pan covering the underslung exhaust downpipes.

2020 Fireblade
Great looking belly pan

SP blades have always looked the part, the new one is no exception. The new HRC paint job looks sublime, something just by seeing it, you realise how special it is, while the standard version comes in a rather saucy black number.

black 2020 fireblade
Base model in black.

2020 Honda Fireblade price

The SP version of the blade comes has an eye-watering price of £23,500 and the quickshifter-less base model has a bonkers price of £20,000.

Check the release video here.