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10 free motorcycle film to cure lockdown boredom

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We get it, lockdown is boring. While we have been stuck inside we have put together some great motorcycle film to watch. Add this page to your favourites to save them for later!

1. David Coulthard vs Guy Martin. F1 Car vs bike

This great video shows the difference between cars and bikes. Guy Martin combines his great presenting with getting involved behind the technology and of course riding his Tyco BMW S1000RR against the Red Bull F1 car.

The bike and car are put against each other in many different events, and it’s great to see the competitiveness between them. Even if you’re not a fan of F1, you get an understanding and appreciation of the tech and engineering that goes into these machines.

Below is the final race between the Tyco BMW and the Red Bull F1 car, but all the other events are available on youtube too.

2. Peter Hickman 2018 TT lap record

This is the video of TT lap record holder Peter Hickman giving commentary on his staggering lap record of the TT in 2018. A great insight into the mind of a TT racer on their lap around the mountain. The narration makes it sound so calm but if you have to watch one motorcycle film, this one is a must for any petrolhead!

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3. MotoGP Barcelona classics at Catalunya

The first is a classic race with the battle between Yamaha’s Valentino Rossi and Ducati’s young hot-rod Casey Stoner. Dani Pedrosa comes in with a valiant effort to maintain a podium finish.

If that Catalan classic didn’t tick the box try the last lap battle between both Yamaha’s rode by Valentino Rossi, and Jorge Lorenzo. The race was heading to the last few laps and it resulted in a standoff, one of which is the best we can remember. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

4. The best of Toni Bou, the trails GOAT

Tony Bou, is arguably the greatest trails riders of all time. His antics defy all logic and physics. Here we see some of his best work, and some little offs from the trails GOAT. Check out this Motorcycle film below for some of his best work.

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5. Chasing 300, The World’s Fastest Motorcycle

The fastest Indian
The fastest indian

Everybody has heard of the Bonneville salt flats and why they are so cool. Normally people just think it is cars which head to the salt flats but bikes compete there also. The flatness and openness of the salt flats are perfect for those who have an addiction to speed. Chasing 300 documents the attempts of Al Lamb in 2017 during his attempt to break his current 262 mph speed record. This motorcycle film relives the magic of The Fastest Indian, with Anthony Hopkins portraying Burt Munro who built his Indian to beat world record speeds in the 1960s’ (some which still stand today).

6. Inside the BMW S1000RR factory!

Ever wonder what it takes to build a superbike? Watch this motorcycle video to see inside the Berlin-based BMW factory Spandau. The documentary “Exceptional Motorbike Factory” gets a look inside the world’s largest motorcycle factory showing BMW bikes being built. This one is well worth a watch.

7. Tourist Trophy: Closer to the edge

A cracking hour and a half of TT action! We get a look behind the big names, such as Guy Martin, John McGuinness, and Ian Hutchinson. We see some of the behind the scenes preparation and lives of some of the stars we know from the TT. Despite the French titles, its clear to understand and a great boredom buster, plus everybody loves the TT, right?

8. Religion of Sports, The Space Inbetween

A documentary by American company AT&T, showing a side to the TT we don’t normally see. This hour-long feature motorcycle film isn’t as focused on the big teams or names. This is a great documentary on the privateers we see every year at the Isle of Man TT, but who undeservedly get little publicity. It’s a great introduction to the TT if you’ve never watched it before.

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9. Greg Tracy’s sub 10 minute run at Pike’s Peak

Pikes peak, the 14,115ft small hill in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA. Boasting amazing views, a visitor centre and high altitude doughnuts how could this get any better? Oh yeah, for one weekend a year it becomes a race track! A 12.42mile long track with a climb of 4720ft and 156 corners, the famous American hill climb sets hill-climbing standards. The race against the clock with multiple classes eligible including cars, bikes (Petrol, Electric and even turbocharged). Sadly we won’t see motorcycles at Pike’s Peak in 2020 due to the tragic circumstances last year where Ducati factory rider Carlin Dunne was killed. This video shows Greg Tracy, one of only 3 men to beat the 10-minute barrier on a motorcycle, and the only person to do it in both car and bike on a sub 10min run up the hill.

10. Kawasaki Motorcycles, a History.

Take a look back at the history of one of the biggest brands in bikes. This documentary takes us back to post-war Japan, with the founding of the Kawasaki motorcycle company in 1949 and their development of their first, KE engine in 1952. This motorcycle film shows us the development of Kawasaki from 1949 to the present day.