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MSV motorcycle track days implement brake lever guard rule!

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As the crappest year ever draws to a close, planning for 2021 is already starting. If you are a keen track day attendee, there is something to add to your Christmas list from Santa. The UK’s biggest motorsport circuit operator MSV has deemed it now mandatory for motorcycles on track days to run a brake lever guard. Most No Limits track days operate on MSV circuits so you will need one, and this will more than likely be checked with the noise test. Whilst other tracks that are not MSV operated may not enforce the rule, running a guard won’t do any harm. So in summary, yes you will more than likely need a lever guard for a 2021 UK trackday. Below are some great lever guards to consider!

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Whilst this isn’t a big deal, if you are a racer you’ll already be running one as brake lever guards are mandatory. However, the road riders who frequent the occasional track day in order to get the speed demon off their back might suffer. Theoretically running a brake lever guard on the road isn’t an issue, but some insurers may class it as a modification that could bump up premiums despite it being a safety mod.

American racing Moto2
GDH Motorsport levers on American racing Moto2 machinery

Arai’s brand new Quantic surfaces

Safety is paramount and lessening the chance the levers can get tangled, jammed, or clipped accidentally is always a bonus. Running a guard is proven to help prevent accidents which is good for everybody.

Carbon masters GDH Motorsport have launched a range of carbon fibre lever guards. With the lightest guards on the market at 40 grams, and being used by Moto2 race team American racing with Marcos Ramirez and Cameron Beaubier. Fitment comes in universal fitment, or M12 specific for BMW models, but also may fit other manufacturers. Also available is a weighted version which raises the weight from 40grams to 102grams for bikes that utilise a bar end weight. At the bargain price of £84.50 for a full carbon lever guard used on the Moto2 grid, these should be good enough for everybody!

GDH Motorsport lever guard
Carbon lightweight lever guard.

If carbon is too lightweight for you there is a £190 Lightech billet aluminium version. Big brands like R&G Racing, GB Racing, Gillies and Lightech are all producing guards in different styles, from moulded plastic to billet aluminium, the plastic guards come in at around the £55 mark.