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Arai releases the new Quantic helmet

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Arai has added the new Quantic helmet to their extensive helmet range, the range which already had something for everyone. The new Quantic looks primarily aimed at the sports touring market, looking like a possible replacement to the Chaser-X, although possibly a little less track orientated, but firmly slap bang in the middle of the range.

Arai Quantic
new for 2021 Arai Quantic

Despite being in the game since dinosaurs walked among us, Arai is not scared of doing new things. They never fail to add something every year, and last year launched the brand new Arai Debut.

Arai vents
Rear spoiler and exhaust vent

Completely new venting on the Quantic

The new for 2021 Quantic features a 3-D logo vent on the forehead, a rear spoiler on the back, and of course Arai’s pioneering glancing off shape and technology to the shell.

Arai Shell
Arai shell

This technology uses a minimal exterior with a rounded shape, effectively allowing minimal opportunities to dig in.

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This allows the helmet to skid over the object, lessening the impact forces transferred to the wearer. The shell uses Arai’s hard Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate (PB e-cLc) construction with a soft EPS liner, designed completely from scratch to maximise airflow.


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Trademark Arai custom fitting

As normal with Arai the fit is completely customisable to the wearer, and the Quantic has ear cups which can be removed for speaker drivers. The profile of the helmet has been made flatter to help with mounting of Bluetooth devices.

Arai helmets
3D logo and air vent

Whilst the Quantic is nowhere near as racey as the RX-7V, it does have lots of venting and a fixed spoiler to the rear of the helmet. The forehead vent comes under the 3D logo with an open and close slider, and also has two NACA duct styled inlets providing more ventilation to the helmet.

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The iconic visor ratchet mechanism covers and visor vents remain, and the visor itself is pinlock ready, to be fog-free. The Quantic is the first Arai to beat the newly updated and rigorous ECE22.06 approval, which adds to every helmet Arai tests in house.

Quantic has Double D fastening!

Fastening comes with a Double-D mechanism, and there is the Emergency cheekpad release system installed. There is an incorporated breath guard, and chin curtain to keep air away from the visor.

How do you stop a visor fogging up?

With a price of £600, it seems to be right in the middle of Arai’s range, a good price for a quality helmet. Colours are available with yellow, blue, red and grey on black backgrounds in the ‘Face’ model, red/white on black in the Snake model or a solid white in the Diamond model which is £100 cheaper than the colour models. Hopefully, we can get hold of one in 2021 to give you a review.

For more information see the Arai Quantic page