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Ducati launches ‘Ducati Unica’ program

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Ducati has launched a new program called ‘Ducati Unica’, allowing customers, to customise their Ducati directly with the designers at Centro Stile Ducati making completely bespoke Ducati or Scrambler models.

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With the skilled hands of the designers at Centro Stile, Ducati customers can specify unique paint jobs, liveries with a vast array of special colours, finishes, materials and of course Ducati Performance accessories. Included with getting a one of a kind, personal Ducati is also a certificate of authenticity from Ducati, and an invitation to visit the designer in house, at Centro Stile Ducati, for that personal touch.

V4 Streetfighter
Customised V4 Streetfighter – Italian flag Brembo’s look amazing!

Identify yourself even more!

“Design is a distinctive element of our creations. For some time we have been working on the launch of a project that would give Ducatisti the possibility of identifying themselves even more with their own bike, making it a direct expression of each person’s individual style.”

Andrea Ferraresi – Ducati design director

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This programme however is limited. Due to the obvious level of uniqueness to each project, Ducati is limiting the number of requests each year with only a handful of slots, and Ducati claims that ‘only those considered to be in line with the values ​​of the brand’ will be accepted. Basically, no tackiness or anything considered bad taste, you’ve got to have serious money, a tidy Ducati collection already and of course patience for the waiting list. I’m sure being famous might help too.

Make a limited edition bike, even more limited…

Ducati Superleggera blue
Limited edition Superleggera to match the owners Aventador

Being the first of the major bike manufacturers to offer this completely unique customisation service which will genuinely make one of one unit, it proves Ducati’s intention to not just be another brand. Limited number production runs will continue with the likes of the Superleggera, and naturally more special editions like the Foggy and the Bayliss models, but surely this is the ultimate, almost matching some of the customisations offered by car manufacturers within the VAG group like Bentley’s Muliner division, and Lamborghini’s Ad Personam Studio.

Ducati custom
Custom colours

While we’re not completely sure what models will be available for the Unica program, one unit of the V4 Superleggera has been completed, number 500 of 500, painted blue to match the owners Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Other models seen include the V4 Streetfighter, and Scrambler models, however, I’m sure if your budget stretches far enough Ducati will make what you desire!

Ducati Scrambler Custom
Scrambler models too!

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