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2021’s best bikes

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The start of 2021 has been pretty pants. Crap weather, lockdowns, and poor supply of everything from clothing to bike parts has put a downer on the year. That being said, it has been a great start to 2021 for bike sales. The MCIA reports a massive hike in new bike registrations.

I’ve decided to put a list of the 2021 bikes I can’t wait to ride. Believe me, 2021 is a good year for new bikes, so here is a taste. I’ve already ticked the first one off the list.

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa

Well, yes, I have already taken the Suzuki Hayabusa out and wrote about my thoughts here. For me, the Hayabusa is a cult classic. Growing up around the legacy of the previous generations I was so curious to see if it lived up.

The new busa was touted as a super superbike, with gossip of a six-cylinder, turbocharged, supercharged, rocket engined behemoth, and in fact, it’s none of that. The old engine was good enough for Suzuki, combined with a WeightWatchers diet plan; there is still enough Sin’s to get you into trouble.

2021 Hayabusa
2021You definitely know its a Hayabusa

2021 Aprilia RS660

I genuinely think this bike will sell in huge numbers. It’s everything everybody wants in a road bike. It’ll handle well, has more than enough poke for a 60mph speed limit, and has all the tricks and toys the 1000cc bikes have. I must admit, though, I was so excited for a Baby RSV4. I hoped it was a V4. There are very few bikes that sound as good as the V4 engine, so I was disappointed that it was a Twin. From a business perspective, it makes sense. Allowing entry to Supertwins, minitwins and any other sort of twins, you can think of competitions on the racing scene.

Aprilia RS660
RS660 does look fun

Ducati V4 Multistrada

I’ve never really understood the sit-up style bike. Sure it’s comfier, but I don’t have permanent backache so I can cope with the superbike riding position. The advantage of upright bars and a higher centre of gravity and perks like cruise control with complex works like RADAR and stuff sounds like I need it. Add to the list a V4 engine derived from the bonkers V4S superbike, adaptive suspension allowing the vertically challenged rider to straddle it, and well, it just sounds like good fun.

Multistrada V4
Multistrada V4 a must ride for 2021?

BMW M1000RR – The better, gets betterer?

The BMW S1000RR Msport was already a top-quality bike, with its carbon wheels and electronic suspension. But BMW wanted to make something even better and added wings, new brakes to essentially make their version of the WSB racer for the road. Every manufacturer is guilty of this, so why not BMW. The new model sees more power, less weight and a larger price tag. It does, however, ditch the Msports electronic suspension but does keep the carbon wheels. Either way, it doesn’t really matter because the chances of seeing or riding one are low, as stock is none existent. Shame.

2021 M1000RR

2021 Triumph Speed Triple 1200RS

The new bigger and badder Speed Triple is the bike Triumph fans have been calling for. The new bigger bore triple powered Speed boasts 180hp and should help the British firm take aim at the other supernakeds on the market like the Superduke R and the MT10. If the last revised 765 Street triple was anything to go by, the updated speed should be top class. Bikes are now rolling out, and I absolutely can’t wait to ride it. I just hope Triumph get over their Fairing phobia and add a fairing to one to make a new Sprint GT. How epic would that be?!

Speed Triple 1200RS
2021 bike of the year?

Langen Cafe Racer

Back thirty years ago, before the world was obsessed with exhaust gas emissions and was more obsessed with having a good time, everything ran on two-stroke. With the rapid demise of the two-stroke on the roads, favouring more efficient and environmentally friendly four strokes. When a firm says they are making a modern, road-legal two-stroke, it is bound to raise some interest. Sure the only chance I’m going to get of riding the Langen Cafe racer is if I win the lottery (fingers crossed), or overnight I become an internet sensation gaining a few million readers, neither of which is going to happen.

Find all the info on the Langen Cafe Racer

Much like when I was a child with posters on the wall of two strokes, the Langen will be the same, although I might even stretch to a laptop desktop wallpaper! It’s a great shame, I really hope this first model works out, and the firm can make a second more mass-produced and affordable version for everybody to enjoy!

Langen Cafe Racer
Love the smell of a Two stroke?

Aprilia Tuono X – The fastest super naked that is unbuyable

Much like the Langen Cafe racer, the Aprilia Tuono X is an engineering exercise to build the best and fastest and then sell them in small numbers, 25 in the case of the Tuono X. With wings the Moto GP squad would be proud of, the track only Tuono X follows on from the RSV4 version.

Tuono X
Aleix was a fan!

2021 Kawasaki ZX10R

The biggest update to Kawasaki’s ZX10R Ninja for as long as we can remember. To be fair, though, it was needed. The old bike looked dated and was lacking the bling and tech of its rivals. Some dude called Rea suggested changes, and well Kawasaki listened.

The new ZX10 changes here

New aero, top help shave those tenths off the lap time, updated electronics package including TFT display, and of course a more expensive RR version. Will this be the perfect bike for Jonathan Rea to win the WSBK championship again?

2021 ZX10R
Do we miss race reps?

Harley-Davidson Pan America

Sure it seems weird to be putting a Harley-Davidson in with a list of superbikes, but this could be a bike that turns the fortunes of the American manufacturer. Sales of Harleys have slumped in recent years, with the company doing the same as it always has done, but they decided on something new.

Harley-Davidson Pan America revealed!

The new Pan America is more of an off-roady bike, taking direct aim at its German counterparts. A brand new 1200cc revolution max engine, completely new chassis, and more tech than ever fitted to an HD before could see an uplift in the firm’s fortunes, and so far, everybody is raving about it.

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America
Looks fun…right?

2021 Yamaha MT09 SP

So far, all of Yamaha’s SP models have been ace. The MT10 SP was a work of art and a joy to ride, and the MT09 SP got the same treatment but with a triple soundtrack instead of a cross-plane.

Yamaha launches 2021 MT09SP

Gaining additional upgrades over the standard MT09 with a dedicated colour scheme, cruise control, adjustable suspension and a sexy custom seat. The rear shock is upgraded to Ohlins with a remote adjuster. Surely this bike is on the must-try for 2021?

2021 MT09 SP
One to try in 2021?

Have I missed any? Let me know on Twitter

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