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Yamaha MT09 SP Launched

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For the third time in a week Yamaha announced an unveiling and lots of people (us included) thought it was going to be the eagerly anticipated new MT10. But yes, we got it wrong, and it was in actual fact the brand new MT09-SP. Last week Yamaha announced the standard MT09, so natural progression would be the new MT10. We guess that comes next week!

New MT09 SP inspired by the R1 Superbike – Yamaha

The SP model gives owners some little extras over the base model, and this year is no exception. Put it simply the 2021 MT09 SP gets a new dedicated SP colour scheme, cruise control, adjustable suspension a double stitched seat, and the trademark brushed aluminium swingarm. This is combined with the already announced features on the new MT09.

Supersport-influenced finish

The new MT09 SP adds to the updated MT09’s new marmite look and spec. The new SP model adds to the platform for riders who demand that bit more performance.

Exclusive SP Paintwork – Yamaha

The influence from Yamaha’s premium superbike the R1 is plain to see. The blue and black paint scheme from the R1 has been placed onto the SP, among with water-transfer graphics. This is fitting considering the new tech passed down from the R1 to the new generation MT09. The MT09 SP also shares the iconic brushed aluminium swingarm found on the R1M, Yamaha’s most advanced production bike ever.

Ohlins rear shock – Yamaha

The supersport mentality continues to the chassis where KYB has supplied new 41mm forks. With Diamond like coating (Remember that from the BMW M Endurance chain?) This new coating provides less stiction, ultra-smooth and responsive action. The front forks are also fully adjustable for preload, rebound and compression allowing the ultimate suspension setup.

Upgraded KYB 41mm Shocks – Yamaha

Matching the KYB front forks is an Öhlins rear shock, which again offers full adjustability to suit the rider. It features a remote preload adjuster that allows quick change on the fly and without tools. This upgrade is exclusive to the SP and aims to bring even more performance to the MT09.

Cruise control addition to the SP

The base model MT09 has been upgraded to ride by wire throttle, adding cruise control functionality. Cruise control will activate at speeds above 50km/h (30mph) in 4th gear or above. Pressing of a button activates the cruise control and large or small increases can be made. This is a welcome upgrade however slightly disappointing the standard MT09 didn’t come with it.

Cruise control! – Yamaha

Other SP exclusive benefits include black levers and handlebars, smoked reservoirs and a black rear sprocket.

MT09 SP Price

Prices and availability are yet to be released, Yamaha SP models don’t tend to be limited production numbers, so getting hold of one shouldn’t be an issue. We would love to see the bike come in at under 10 grand, it’ll be a bargain!