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Yamaha R1 owner? TAG Racing has a parts firesale! Ultimate R1 dreambuild?

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I can’t be the only one that wonders what goodies the parts shelves of a BSB race team must behold. The eBay listings of the TAG racing team are kinda like having a trawl through the shelves. If your a 2015-2020 Yamaha R1 owner, and have deep pockets with plenty of spare money, British Superbike team TAG Racing has a parts firesale on. We know that TAG has recently switched from Yamaha’s R1 to the new Honda Fireblade for 2021, so presumably, with no use, the bits were taking up space and have to go. Some of the parts are completely unbelievable from full bikes to individual money can’t (normally) buy. Take a look at some of these parts. Swap you a kidney for the lot?

Start with a fully prepared YZF-R1 Superstock bike

Despite being a superstock bike, the spec is still mad, with every component that could be changed, has. Pricewise £16k that’s cheaper than a stock brand new R1, if you were buying one to make a trackbike.

Superstock R1
Full superstock R1

What is next on the list?

So if you’ve already got an R1, then next on top of your modifications list would surely be a Suter swingarm, right? £4800 gets the fully factory-supplied, BSB spec swingarm, with strengthening braces, just what everybody needs!

Just what I’ve always wanted. Honest.

Want a British Superbike Spec R1 engine? Yes me too, £4500 gets you one, and TAG have three for sale! Built with YEC cams, and fully ported to Superbike spec, I want one. Please.

British Superbike engine
BSB R1 engine?

Next up, gearbox? How about a full BSB race-spec Nova gearbox, at £3000. Three available, with an N-6 selector drum, but the standard drum can be used. The list of dream build parts continues.

Nova gearbox
Again, just what I’ve always wanted

Well, there is genuinely too much to list here, and I fear for my bank balance in reading eBay more and having an R1 in the garage. With everything from standard wheels and clutches to full-on race parts including radiator setups, forged wheels, Suter clutches, YEC Throttle bellmouths, race subframes and fuel tanks, shock absorbers. For the whole listings here here!

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