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Yamaha yard built XR9 Carbona by Bottpower

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Yamaha has well and truly knocked the ball out of the park with this one. Their yards built program, was designed to show what happens when the most creative minds get their hands on production road bikes. This isn’t the first, yard built bike, but it is 100% one of the most stunning. Based on the Yamaha MT09, it makes a massive improvement!!

Bottpower XR9
Bottpower XR9

The builder, Bottpower drew inspiration and wisdom from their two victories at American hill climb event, Pikes Peak in 2017. In two categories their bikes won over the 19.99km course which covers a climb of 1440 meters over 156 corners.

Bottpower XR9, Just wow!

How to make an MT09 even better!

“The XR9 Carbona is inspired by our Pikes Peak victories. With its strong torque and compact chassis, we realised that the CP3-powered Yamaha XSR900 was the ideal base for this dynamic new Yard Built special,”

“Firstly our goal was to create a cool and fast bike with a modern and aggressive look – and we also wanted to be able to develop a ‘plug and play’ kit that would enable any Yamaha XSR900 or CP3 Platform owner to transform their bike into the XR9.” 

 Bottpower manager David Sánchez.
Bottpower XR9
Is there such thing as too much carbon? No thought not.

After being such a success, Bottpower has made the kit available to the public, so the XR9 Carbona kit fits any XSR/CP3 (MT09 variants), and components should be straight bolt on fitment. Comprising of a tank cover with integrated air ducts, carbon seat and tail section with alcantara trim, complete with rear lights. The front end gets LED lights, and a flat track style number board. Other inclusions are radiator covers winglets sprocket covers and a belly pan.

We say yes! _ Bottpower

“Using our extensive experience with composites and 3D printing, we introduced Yamaha R-series elements like the hidden round headlights to create the feeling of a race bike with a numberplate. The XR9 Carbona features a lot of optical mass around the engine meaning a stubby front and short rear – and when looking from the ¾ front view it reminded us of a Pitbull with strong muscular shoulders (the fuel tank) and a hunched look which creates a powerful stance.”

Bottpower’s senior designer Hugo van Waaijen
Carbon MT09
Yes Yes Yes!

The kit is listed on Bottpowers website at €4,975 or £4,518 for the kit alone, not including any donor bike or replacement parts. For more information see the Bottpower website