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Yamaha teases brand new MT10

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It’s no news that Yamaha’s flagship Hypernaked The MT10 is getting a bit old. First unveiled at EICMA 2015 with the first units hitting the road in 2016, one year after the new shape 2CR R1. After the MT07 and the MT09 also having recent updates it seems that 2022 is the year of the MT10. Yamaha has dropped the teaser showing the new model, and while the video doesn’t show much other than the rear end, which features the standard R1 exhaust.

Current R1 exhaust, with revised lambda sensor under the heatshield

It seems weird for Yamaha to release a new MT10. The first time around the MT10 followed the new R1, however, we have no news about a new R1, and with the MT10 in the video having a standard R1 exhaust it unfortunately only looks like a cosmetic upgrade. With the previous MT’s getting the ‘cyclops’ headlight, it would be no surprise if the 10 went down the same route.

Hopefully, another MT10 SP is on the cards!

Overall, while we are overdue a new R1, sports bike sales are notoriously poor at the moment, and when the MT10 easily outsells the R1, surely Yamaha’s focus must be on the better selling bike, and well the current R1 isn’t exactly struggling on the racetrack!

2022 MT10
all will be revealed tomorrow!

The new MT gets revealed 9th November 2021, at 14:00CET, or 1 PM GMT.

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