Alpinestars Supertech R Boots

The supertech R are widely regarded as one of the best boots money can buy. Worn by many pro racers, do you need any more endorsement? I managed to find a slightly used (used twice….apparently) pair at a quarter of the retail price, a price that was too good to turn down for my budget.
The design and construction of the boot are very clever. They come in many bright and vibrant colours, although my pair were plain black on black. Nice and easy to keep clean and tidy. They come in two parts, an inner boot and an outer boot. The inner contains all the safety systems of the boot, the internal ankle brace is a clever little link allowing the ankle to bend naturally up and down, but then reduces side to side movement. Filled with lots of padding, and very good ventilation on the inner make for a comfortable boot. They have a clever lace-up system using Kevlar laces which fasten up using a quick fasten connector.

The inner boot then slides into the outer which is more just a stylish cover, except this does not do it justice, some thought has gone into the design of the outer also. The outer fastens with a zip on the outside of the boot, and a ratchet strap mechanism. I do like the zip being on the outside of the boot, a clever move to get it away from the bike. This inside of the boot is a very soft to the touch, suede-like material to help maximise feel on the bike but then to also stop scratches against the frame. Another wonder touch is the seal to the top of the boot around the shin, it stops those pesky pebbles running down into the boot. Importantly once mated together there is no movement between the inner and outer boot. I have worn them when I have ridden to an event and done a fair few miles of walking around in them and never had any issues on or off the bike. The heel and toe sliders are replaceable which is good for me as I happen to be a heel dragger.

6 months and around 5000 miles of ownership I love them to bits! They are definitely my go-to boot, now.
There is only one downside. I did say they were a well-ventilated boot, which is fine for a trackday in Spain where it’s nice and warm. However the ventilation can get quite nippy when the ambient temps are low, and also they are not very waterproof, but you can’t have it all. In short, I LOVE these boots.

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