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Suzuki drops GSXS1000 Teaser Wings and Bling

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I liked the GSXF1000, basically the same as the GSXS just with more a bit more fairing. I had one for a few days not so long ago, and even in the short period of time I had it, it came across as a great bike. The weather was freezing, and wet, during winter the roads were caked in mud but I still had multiple rides which I thoroughly enjoyed, and the tyres were steaming. A great balance of power, comfort and handling, but despite being a big Suzuki fan, things have got a little…stagnant. The old GSXS1000 was an oddball, too much power to be just a naked roadster, but not enough to be a true modern hypernaked, like a V4 Streetfighter or ZH2. Of course, the boundaries have shifted substantially since it’s introduction in 2015, but Suzuki hasn’t really brought anything new to the table, arguably since then. Sure there’s been small tweeks to models, but nothing groundbreaking.

KTM’s new Superduke RR road legal track bike thing


Just build us the bike we want…

The old GSXS was essentially a K8 GSXR (some say the best version) with re-tune, updates to fueling, emissions and a comfier riding position. Surely I and you are sitting here hoping Suzuki has done this with the new model, take the 2017-2021 L7 200hp gixer, keep the fancy dash, electronics package, Showa Big piston forks, and that caged animal engine and just put less bodywork, upright bars and a comfier seat. WE WANT THIS. It makes sense, Ducati makes the V4 streetfighter cheaper than the actual V4S, by 5 bags of sand. Just for less fairings and plastics. Do the maths if Suzuki sells GSXRR models at £17k, then I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out how affordable that Hypernaked would be. And appealing too.

Teasing youtube teaser…

As if out of nowhere Suzuki dropped a bombshell on their global youtube channel. The new teased GSXS1000, and well it doesn’t really show much. What we can see is Gold suspension stations with visible adjusters on top, so that possibly rules out the Showa BPF off the GSXR, unless there are multiple spec bikes. The dash looks like the digital version featured on the GSXR1000, which quickly got ushered onto the Katana, V-Strom 1050, and the new Hayabusa. We get an endurance style front headlight with the triple light stacked vertically, and we see very angular bodywork with what look like mini wings, and wide fairings and a new tank. It looks like LED lighting, I would be surprised if it isn’t. The date given for the next reveal is 26th April, so we are sat ready and waiting to find out more.

2021 GSXS1000
Wings and EWC style light

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