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Suzuki announces new GSX-S950

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Brand new for 2021 is the new Suzuki GSX-S950, using the same platform as the new GSX-s1000 which launched earlier in the year. The bike even uses the same 999cc engine, but in a lower state of tune, allowing the full power model to make 95 horsepower and also eligible for A2 restriction to 47.5hp or 35kW.

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It is becoming common practice for manufactures to share chassis, engines and electronic parts across models with the aim of making models cheaper and more competitive. Also to this, it allows a bigger range for us riders, in the already competitive A2 market. This could be a contender for one of the best A2 bikes along with the Aprilia RS660 and the Yamaha R7.

new graphics fit with the cammo pattern plastics

The new GSX-S950 engine keeps the torquey nature of the original full fat engine and with displacement the same, it’s more likely electronic wizardry to the same engine providing the decrease in power to both levels.

Better yet with the GSX-S1000 having all the tricks and toys expected on a flagship naked, and the new GSX-S950 using the same bike all the toys stay. Suzuki’s easy start and low RPM assist clutch stay, however, there is no mention of the quick shifter – hopefully, that stays too.

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The frame is identical to the bigger brother but some chassis changes have been made to make it more cost-effective. 43mm KYB forks are used, as are Tokico front calipers. Dunlop’s Roadsport 2 tyres remain as does the 19-litre fuel tank.

Availability is August, and pricing sounds like it’s going to be £10,000, considering the GSX-S1000 was priced like a bargain, this will be equally good value. Paint jobs come in black, Suzuki blue, or a saucy new white and red, and all models gain new graphics denoting the 950 logos.

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