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Shoei NXR helmet review

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Shoei’s flagship road helmet packs a punch with excellent value for money. Shoei says the NXR has been created with no unnecessary features, no gadgets. Just ride. The helmet itself is compact but features everything you would expect from a premium helmet.

Marc Marquez helmet
Marc Marquez paint jobs included too!

The NXR weighs 1333g, which is on the lighter side, but Shoei hasn’t skimped to keep it light. Shoei constructs this helmet out of their patented Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) composite. The shell comes with four shell sizes and multiple EPS inner. The outer shell comes in four different sizes to suit six helmet sizes, (XXS, S, M, L, XL or XXL). Shoei’s AIM composite utilises fibreglass and a secret hidden patented fibre. (Shoei won’t tell us what fibre) to produce an extremely durable yet lightweight helmet.

How does it compare to the Shark Race R Pro?

The cheek pads differ in thickness to compensate, and as usual in premium helmets, all pads are removable and washable to keep your helmet clean. There are cutouts in the pads allowing the use of Bluetooth communication systems. The Shoei NXR’s liner is built with comfort and protection in mind. Rider safety is an absolute priority for Shoei, and developing their EQRS system cheek pads and skull-cap provides a firm yet comfortable fit.

Shoei NXR Ventilation

Normally a well-ventilated helmet is loud, but Shoei has worked on the NXR to keep it well ventilated, whilst keeping the noise levels down. There are many vents providing fresh air, and exhausts taking away warm air. With four inlets on the brow and chin area and 6 exhaust on the rear. Vents have 3 levels of opening which channel through the liner. The direct forehead (based on the X-Spirit 3) and rear vents allow for that “casual but not over-powering” airflow we sometimes need on cooler days.

Shoei NXR colours

There is a slight modification to the chin vent than the X-Spirit 3. We swap an aggressive and large “open/close” vent for a subtle opening with 3 stages of airflow to pick the right level of flow through the chin bar. This can be great as many of us may experience internal fogging (even with a pin-lock) and having the ability to open the chin vent that extra amount can be the difference between steaming up and clear vision.

Fact or fiction? We check it out

Shoei has made the shell as small as possible to reduce overall weight and develop aerodynamics helping with rider comfort. Taking help from the successful X-Spirit 3, the NXR features an integrated rear spoiler helping airflow and to stop buffeting.

Shoei NXR
Ben rocking the NXR

The big issue I’ve had with every other helmet is noise. Ideally, I want to keep my hearing as long as possible, and the NXR puts up a strong fight against wind noise and whistles. With the visor fully open there’s a tiny whistle as air is directed under the visor and into the vents but it’s almost silenced by any ambient noise. The main wind noise is barely recognisable when wearing a good set of earplugs. Some days, my earplugs fall slightly out as I gear up, and with the NXR it’s almost a normal level of wind noise. The only time it’s really noticeable is when doing shoulder checks as you lose that aerodynamic profile created by the shape and rear spoiler.

The NXR is a helmet you could wear without earplugs if you really wanted to. To compare to my old Bell M1 and Nitro N400-VX, the NXR is as loud as they are with earplugs. I’ll take this as a win.

Shoei NXR
Shoei NXR vents

Is the Shoei NXR worth it?

Yes. Helmets are an expensive purchase, and it’s almost impossible to try before you buy. Therefore its imperative to make sure you pick right, and the NXR is a solid choice. Whilst every other brand has a helmet that could potentially rival the NXR, I have serious doubts if they could go toe to toe with the second top-of-the-range Shoei. It’s taken a year of use from me, and it still looks in great shape.

The range of colours from Shoei with this helmet insane, there are so many graphics available any of them will suit your bike or leathers!