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Peter Hickman IOM TT HP4 Race full lap POV

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TT icon Peter Hickman has finally managed to get his BMW HP4 Race footage from TT 2017. The stunning video (below) shows Pete wringing the neck of the ultra-limited edition dream bike HP4 race. The HP4 race was launched by BMW as a track-only weapon. The first bike with factory carbon fibre wheels and subframe, and 215 horses on tap from the four-cylinder engine.

BMW HP4 Race
BMW HP4 Race, what a looker!!

At the time the HP4 RACE cost a staggering £68,000. For a bike which is practically at World Superbike specification, it’s a bit of a bargain. Consider the Ohlins FGR forks and TTX shock probably has three 0’s after a two-figure number with a pound sign. More than likely the electronics package has the same number. A small snip compared to the Cost of a World Superbike. Brembo GP4 calipers provide the stopping, and the bikes were also lavished with top of the range aftermarket components from the likes of Gillies and GB racing.

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The numbers on the sheet speak for itself, it’s lighter than a world superbike, thanks to carbon subframes and which are not race legal. The only issue? BMW only made 750 bikes in a limited production run. That initial £68,000 price tag has more than likely increased IF you can find one actually for sale.

BMW HP4 Race
So much carbon!!

Back to Peter Hickman, though, in 2018 at the Isle of Man TT, BMW presented Peter with a brand new HP4 Race. The bike had only been run in on a Dyno, and Peter had never ridden the bike before. 10kg’s lighter than his normal TT superbike, and dealing with a late evening ride, with a low sun on his flying demo lap, we got this beautiful video. The lap time was a 19mins and 6 seconds with a 118mph average, and Peter was having ‘fun’, minding yellow flags, oil flags and plenty of wheelies! Check out the video below! This is 20 mins of pure bliss and adrenaline fair play, Pete!