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DocBike charity looks to bikers to complete a survey on road signage!

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DocBike is a UK charity which looks to place highly trained doctors or critical care paramedics on highly manoeuvrable and fully equipped motorcycles, aiming to the skills and equipment needed on the scene of an accident as quickly as possible. This initiative is spreading across the UK with more and more counties making progress into getting DocBikes and riders ready. The charity is concerned however with the rise of fatalities and serious injuries to motorcyclists in spring and summer months, possibly due to more bikers riding, and a lack of skills due to less use over winter. For 2021 DocBike are concerned numbers will be even higher due to the lockdown months the UK has seen.

Fully kitted DocBike costs £40,000!

Many charities and authorities install signs like the ‘Think Bike!’ signs making other road users aware of motorcycles, but this also gives us motorcyclists a warning that often we are ignored and make ourselves visible. For 2021 DocBike has been given the opportunity to put together sign designs that using evidence, research and expertise. DocBike have designed the signs but are looking for feedback on the designs using this survey. This survey is designed for all road users, not just motorcyclists to establish a greater picture, and to get the best message across, to all road users.

Here is a link to the survey!