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New Michelin Road 6 tyre for 2022

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Brand new for 2022 is the Michelin Road 6 tyre, evolving the already popular and successful Road 5, designed for riders who like to ride in all weathers and seasons and expect good tyre life. The Road series of tyres has always been spectacular in the wet, and the new Road 6 is no exception. Designed for all bikes from sportbikes through to touring and GT bikes, with the new Road 6 and Road 6 GT versions.

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Of course, Michelin supply the Moto GP championship, giving great feedback and data from the best riders in the world for their race tyres, which technology filters down to us everyday riders.

Michelin Road 6 tread pattern

Claims the new Road 6 have 15% more wet grip over the outgoing Road 5 tyre, thanks to a new Silica compound, and tread pattern, Michelin Water Evergrip technology. This coupled with a 10% increase in tyre life and an optimised void ratio (ratio of tread groove to tyre surface) for both wet and dry conditions. As with the previous Road 5 and Power RS tyres, the tyre maintains the same wet grip as the tyre wears. New grooves and sipes cut through standing water, maintaining grip.

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The revised compounds improve grip in colder temperatures, wetter roads, with the first application of Michelin’s 2CT+ technology to the front tyre, giving more feedback and stability when entering corners. The revised, denser and more rigid casing, Michelin claims increases stability and feedback, and Aramid tread plies resist growth from centrifugal speed forces, reduce the weight of the plies, and reduce the overall weight of the tyre.

Michelin Road 6
New Michelin Road 6 tyre

The new range consists of 6 front tyre sizes and 8 rears, with the GT version in 1 front and 3 rear sizes. This provides a broad spectrum covering everything from smaller cc trail bikes, lightweight roadsters, more powerful sportbikes and even large GT and touring machinery. From 17″ to 19″ sizes and from 120 fronts and up to 190 rear tyre sizes. No information on price as yet, however prices around £260 would be a conservative estimate for a 120/180 combo.

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