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Damon Motorcycles teases new HyperFighter model

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You probably won’t recognise the name unless you are a massive motorcycle nerd (like me), or a massive EV nerd (not me) or both. Canadian firm Damon took the market by storm offering what they call the safest motorcycle on the market but also adding true superbike performance, a long battery range, and adjustable riding geometry. It all sounds too good to be true right? Well, reservations were taken, money was made, additional funding was secured, prototypes built and tested and hopefully, models will be delivered in 2022. Things are going so well they even announced a new Hyperfighter colossus model.

What is an electric bike like to ride?

With the internal combustion bans looming in the future, it’s not only big manufacturers getting onto the EV wagon but also small tech with big hopes and ambitions. The Damon Hypersport was first announced back in 2019, promising a 200hp electric motor, a 200 plus mile range and 200mph capability, for the sum of around £30,000 for the top of the range model. This price does drop considerably when going to smaller ‘engines’ of 100hp (£13,000) or 150hp (£15,000).

Damon Hypersport
Damon Hypersport

Not just exquisite performance figures promised, Damon also wanted to make a safe to ride a bike, with the aim of having zero crashes, thanks to 360degree view and predictive AI, working together to anticipate and avoid trouble.

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Also, Damon’s Shift technology allows the riding geometry to change, from a commuter position to a more sporty position, comfy on the way to the corners, and sporty during them, the best of both worlds.

While pictures of the new Hyperfighter colossus model remain sparse with only a black silhouette, but the spec list gives us a top speed of 170mph, 146mile range, and the same 200hp performance as the hypersport. It also lists the same Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and single-sided swingarm as the top of the range Hypersport model. The list price states $35,000 or £26,000. These are of a limited edition of 100 units, and also feature the same tech as the Hypersport. The Damon HyperFighter will be officially released at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) on Jan 5th 2022 in Las Vegas. You can secure yours for a fully refundable $250 deposit.

Damon Hypersport
Damon Hypersport

The HyperFighter Colossus motorcycle redefines the streetfighter category with a powerfully-charged limited edition model. The HyperFighter is a stripped-down demon of a bike that is not for the faint of heart, so that riders can fight traffic, fight gas, and fight compromise. We’re excited to give the naked sports bike fanatic everything they want, coupled with the unrivaled technological features found only on Damon bikes. Only 100 HyperFighter Colossus motorcycles will hit the road, making them highly coveted.

Jay Giraud – Co-Founder and CEO, Damon Motors
Damon HyperFighter Colossus

HyperFighter Colossus

This comes amidst a great time for Damon, who secured an additional $30m of funding, announced expansion plans into Europe and a massive new manufacturing facility in Surrey, British Columbia. The firm generated $45m in Hypersport orders, and have been awarded 6 patents for technology featured on the bikes. All in all the future looks very positive.

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