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Hood 7K-AA jeans with New D30 Ghost Armour

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New in for summer 2020 (or what’s left of it) are the Hood 7K-AA motorcycling jeans. With all the classic quality features from Hood, the 7K-AA’s can be fitted with three types of D30 armour. Here we find out if armoured jeans are safe.

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Hood Jeans 7K
The star of the show, D30 Ghost armour pads

Are armoured jeans safe?

Wanting these to commute to work in, I decided that I should upgrade to the new D30 Ghost armour. D30 Ghost claims the same level of protection as the regular armour, whilst being half the thickness. This means it’s perfect for looking casual without compromising on safety.

The new K7-AA’s are high quality with double stitching and fully lined kevlar legs and pockets for armour. Compared to other jeans, the Hood jeans heavy denim, Kevlar lining and armour pads which add a little bit of weight. Despite this, the weight not significantly noticeable when wearing them.

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I’ve worn them for multiple days at work in my active job, and when walking, you can barely feel the knee armour. When sat down at a desk, the knee armour isn’t noticeable. The D30 Ghost hip & knee armour measures 10mm thick. At times I’ve had to double-check that the hip armour is actually there.

Hood Jeans
Incredibly thin, lightweight yet protective!

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When on the bike, the jeans feel excellent, there’s perfect grip to the bike. You don’t feel like you’re slipping and sliding around.

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If you wanted to have a casual ride, without having to don the power ranger uniform, the Hood K7-AA jeans are a perfect substitute. They’d look perfectly casual for trips into the high street or a ride out.

Hood Jeans
Perfect fit and grip on the SV650

Armoured jean Temperature regulation

When commuting one morning, around 10 degrees celsius, the K7-AA’s didn’t feel chilly at all. Commuting back in 25-degree weather, I wasn’t sweating as I would be in textile trousers. The kevlar maintains a level of breathability to help keep your legs cool without being too much and making your knees chilly.

Hood motorcycle jeans
High quality stitching pulls together the 7AA’s as a nice accent

Dealing with small showers of rain hasn’t been a problem either, I didn’t feel the rain on my legs. In very windy 10-16 degree weather, my legs didn’t feel noticeably cold. I had the vents open on my Jofama touring jacket, and that felt colder than my legs did.

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As somebody who doesn’t wear leathers but wore textile trousers, the hood jeans make it easier and nicer to go on a ride. You can be spontaneous enough to just put them on and go, as opposed to how it felt with bulky textile trousers. It seems a lot simpler than textiles, despite being the same process really.

Hood K7 jeans
can’t even see the armour!

Hood jeans give bonus points for styling

I think the look of jeans, jacket and boots seem relatively normal for a biker. People might think they’re just regular jeans and there’s no way to tell unless you’re touching them or feeling the armour.

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They feel much more “Socially acceptable” if you had a change of shoes you would pass for being in “casual attire”.

Hood armoured jeans
Quality produce through and through

You can find out more about the K7-AA’s by going to