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Sena launches new Outrush R flip front helmet

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Wireless intercom experts Sena have released a brand new flip front helmet, fully integrated with Bluetooth to provide wireless connectivity. Making things simple, without the need to retrofit cables, microphones speakers or accessories fit intercom units to the helmet shell.

Why does oil go black?

The new Outrush R pairs seamlessly to a smartphone allowing the wearer to have turn by turn GPS, listen to music, FM radio, take phone calls or chat to four other riders, or a pillion.

Sena Bluetooth
New Sena Outrush R helmet

Powered by 5.0 Bluetooth, the Outrush R can link with one other Sena device for Full HD intercom or four other users for quick and easy communication. With a Bluetooth range of half a mile (900 meters), and a battery talk time life of 12 hours, enough for most rides.

The GOAT retires!!

Sena’s audio multitasking makes the wearer have the ability to converse with others while simultaneously listening to music or GPD directions. Overlaid audio is lowered in volume and will return to normal volume upon the conversation ending. How well this will work in practicality is yet to find out. We all have that mate who loves a chat…

Sena Outrush R
Stealthy black number

The Outrush R will charge in 2.5 hours allowing minimal charge time while touring or out on the road, and with the 12 hours of talk time, the charge/talk time is great.

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Fully compatible with Sena’s mobile app on both Android and Ios, which allows complete customisation within the app to change settings, read the info manual and quick start guide. The app also includes smart pairing, using a QR code to pair with other devices, simplicity and avoids the need for listening to beeps and pressing buttons.

Drop down sun visor
Flip front and drop-down sun visor

The helmet is of tough, lightweight ABS shell with an EPS liner providing full ECE certification and legal to ride with the chin bar up or down. That said flip front helmets are questionable about how often they open up in event of an incident.

Air intakes are in all the usual places, forehead and chin, along with rear exhaust parts to remove hot air, and the liner is removable for washing. A quick-release visor with an antifog gives a clear view and the helmet also includes an internal sun visor that drops down.

The closing mechanism is a quick release buckle, surprising as it goes against the normal double ‘D’ ring-closing.

The price is unbelievable with a launch price of £249.99 in sizes from S-XXXL. This comes with everything pre-installed and ready to use out of the box, and considering you would pay this much for a Sena comms system without a helmet I can’t help but think how good value it is.

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