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Daytona Security 3 GP boot review

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If you are a motorsport fan or a Police motorcyclist, you will recognize the name Daytona. The German brand is famous for the Dayton Security 3GP boot which graces the feet of Peter Hickman, Michael Dunlop, countless speedway riders, and possibly the bobby that pulled you over. There is a reason why they are the boot of choice for many professional riders, and that comes down to the quality and protection on offer.

Peter Hickman
Peter Hickman wearing his Daytona boots

Handmade in Germany, from the finest materials does mean the Daytona Security 3 GP boot commands a premium. An almost eye-watering premium, which does seem to vary, but they are all well over a grand. Yes, wow, indeed.

Are these the best motorcycle boots?

For that price though you do get inner and outer boots. The inners are made of Kevlar with padding. Kevlar is known for its lightweight properties but also for is impact and abrasion resistance perfect for a motorcycle boot. They have a hinge joining the upper and lower part, which only allows movement in one direction. There is also a kevlar plate covering the shin and upper ankle area.

The insides of the boot are flush and the fasteners are either covered or well out of the way. This prevents scratching to the bike and also allows better feedback between the feet and the bike.

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The outers feature more kevlar on the heel, and a kangaroo leather construction. The kangaroo leather gives tearing resistance while keeping the weight low. Most people think the outer is made just for looks, it too features more safety features. Strategically placed plastic helps the boot slide along the floor in the event of an accident reducing the possibility of unwanted movement. The outer can be customised to your desire for an additional fee. With a zip to fasten with a velcro securing flap closure is easy.

Daytona Speedway boots
Speedway rider Kyle Bickley wearing Daytona boots

The front of the outer boot is covered in a steel toe plate, covered in rubber, providing protection but also a hard-wearing surface.

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Inner and outer boots can be purchased separately, for when outers wear out, or you change bike colours.

Daytona Security 3 GP comfort

It is worth noting that these are a full-on, top quality race boot, and as such, they are pretty uncomfortable to walk in. For some, this might be the deciding factor, but if you are after a top-quality boot, is it worth compromising?

Whilst the styling still looks like the boots are from the 80’s, Daytona continually updates the boot with improvements throughout the years. The 130 craftsmen and women that will touch the boot during production see that quality is top-notch.

Daytona Security GP
Colour clash!

As we said earlier, the price is eye-watering but so is the level of security. I’m not just talking a little bit either, the security of the boot does feel a huge leap forward compared to other race boots.

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This does come with a downside. The boot does feel large and clunky. When sitting on the bike it isn’t an issue, but at any other time, it is noticeable.

The safest motorcycle boots?

Overall the Daytona Security 3 GP boots are probably THE safest motorcycle boots money can buy. If you are a racer or serious track day rider, these have got to be on the list to consider. Don’t let the price put you off, can you put a price on avoiding or reducing lower limb injuries, and also if looked after these boots will last a long time.

Daytona Security GP
They stand out.

Lacking comfort off the bike

There is only one downside to all this safety and that comes at the cost of comfort. When road riding, comfort off the bike is just as important as on the bike. This is where the Security 3 GP’s are let down slightly. They just aren’t comfy. From a comfort perspective, the Alpinestars Supertech R are much more comfortable and still remain my day to day boot.

I’ve tried adding a softer insole to the Daytona’s which helped, but for me personally they still are too uncomfortable for a long days ride. The security aspect does give peace of mind, and if I was doing trackdays or racing these would definitely be on the list. Unfortunately, I don’t really do either.

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