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2021 Honda CB1000R launched

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Once again with it being November, companies are launching new bikes every week. Honda, however, seemed to have dropped a bulk in one big go, and included on the list is details for the 2021 CB1000R.

2021 Honda CB1000R
2021 Honda CB1000R – Honda

Reintroduced into Honda’s product line in 2018 the CB1000R and CB1000R+, has been popular. The revised version of Honda’s flagship Neo Sports cafe family with the focus on making its stance more aggressive and practical. The new bike features a colour TFT instrument cluster, which connects to the rider’s smartphone and a USB charging socket, and self-cancelling indicators.

Honda CB1000R review
Honda CB1000R – Honda

New black edition!

Honda also announced the Black edition, which ups the spec from the standard with a fly screen, pillion seat cover, quick-shifter and is completely blacked out. The engine also gets a Euro5 compliance update.

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With a styling update, 2021 CB1000R adds a more meaningful look, with updated radiator covers, an updated headlight and restyled seven spoke wheels.

CB1000R Black edition
CB1000R Black edition

The chassis itself remains unchanged from the previous generation model. The engine, has had revised PGM-FI settings, smoothening the engine’s response and ensuring Euro5 compliance.

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When first released the engine was slightly disappointing. Honda billed the CB1000R as a naked fireblade, which in truth it was, however, the fireblade was old, not the newest model. Due to this, the engine was never Euro5 compliant, so revised Fuel injection maps, and a ride by wire upgrade sort this. The engine still makes 144hp, much less than other naked bikes on the market.

CB1000R Black Edition
CB1000R Black edition

The exhaust has had a slight change, with catalysts feeding into a retoned exhaust muffler, giving a deeper and more raw tone. Apparently. The O2 sensors have been replaced with Linear flow type sensors which allow greater accuracy for fueling.

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The new throttle by wire system allows adjustable rider modes of rain, standard, sport, or user. Power, engine braking and torque control are all adjustable.

Again, the 2021 CB1000R’s chassis remains unchanged, apart from the new restyled seven-spoke wheels.