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Yamaha Europe CEO addresses and appologises for supply chain issues

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It’s no surprise that the past year and a half has been hard on everybody. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everything from people, small business and even multinational huge businesses with billions of pounds in turnover. With 2021 and numerous vaccinations and uptake looking good, it seemed like we were starting to get things under control and on the mend. Maybe not so much, as the knock-on from the pandemic and the Evergiven container ship has left a huge impact, with thousands of Yamaha products on the ship itself.

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The video message from Eric de Seynes, President and CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe, explains of a tough year, but the outlook remains positive for 2021 despite the goings-on. Strong demand, eager dealers and great products are helping to generate a positive 2021.

2021 Yamaha MT09
Yamaha’s new MT09

Not just unique to Yamaha but all manufacturing across every sector components have been in short numbers, one of the hardest hit is the semi-conductors required in electric systems. With more reliance on electronic systems on every modern bike, a shortage of components can severely impact available units.

Fair play to Yamaha for being open and honest about the matter, it’s hard as an industry, hopefully, in the coming months things can get back to normal.

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