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Voxan Motors and Max Biaggi break the electric motorcycle speed record

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Voxan motors, the motorcycle branch of Venturi automobile purchased in 2012 refocused their business to focus on bikes powered by electric motors. The came up with two bikes, the Wattman and the…..Wattman. Ok so one Wattman is road legal, and the other, the high performance, was specially crafter to just beat the world speed records. This is THE fastest electric motorcycle.

Max Biaggi riding the naked Voxan

The standard roadgoing model delivers 203hp and 200Nm of torque, from 1RPM. At the time of build, it was the most powerful electric bike ever created.

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The high performance Wattman went even bigger, upping the power to an eyewatering 367hp, tanks to electric motors from Mercedes. The aim for this bike is to beat the 329km/h electric bike record set by Ryuji Tsuruta.

The worlds fastest electric motorbike

Wattman have made 3 bikes, the streamlined Wattman and the experienced rider Max Biaggi, the pairing achieved 367 km/h (228mph) in testing, at the Chateauroux airfield. With plenty, more to give the record was upped to 408km/h (254mph). This was seriously even more impressive, and when runway was only 2.17 miles long it is even more impressive!

electric bike speed record
The Voxan team

The naked Wattman also took on the flying mile challenge. The naked bike hit a peak speed of 231mph, with an average over both runs of 217mph.

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Not content with two records, the Voxan team set 9 other records for electric bikes. The list of records achieved is below.

– ¼ mile, flying start, partially streamlined:           394.45 km/h (245.10 mph)– no previous record

– ¼ mile, flying start, non-streamlined:                 357.19 km/h (221.95 mph) – no previous record

– 1 km, flying start, partially streamlined:              386.35 km/h (240.07 mph – previous record: 329.31 km/h (204.62 mph)

– ¼ mile, standing start, non-streamlined:            126.20 km/h (78.42 mph) – no previous record

– ¼ mile, standing start, partially streamlined:      127.30 km/h (79.10 mph)– previous record: 87.16 km/h (54.16 mph)

– 1 km, standing start, non-streamlined:               185.56 km/h (115.30 mph) – no previous record

– 1 km, standing start, partially streamlined:         191.84 km/h (119.20 mph)– previous record: 122.48 km/h (76.11 mph)

– 1 mile, standing start, non-streamlined:             222.82 km/h (138.45 mph)–no previous record

– 1 mile, standing start, partially streamlined:       225.01 km/h (139.81 mph) – no previous record

“When Gildo Pastor, the President of the Venturi Group, approached me about this project, I was curious, very motivated, and at the same time a little uncertain. Having said that, right after our first meeting, I quickly realised that, like Gildo, his teams were driven by an incredible belief and determination. They told me “we came close to 600 km/h (373 mph) on four wheels, and now we want to flirt with 400 km/h (249 mph) on two wheels, nothing’s going to stop us!” These records make me a happy man! I’m proud of the team and delighted to bring these titles back to Monaco!”

 Max Biaggi, rider of the Voxan Wattman
fastest electric motorbike
Max Biaggi and team

“It was important to me to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Venturi Group’s electric adventure. Given the health situation, it hasn’t been easy, but thanks to the hard work and mentality shown by Max and my teams, we proved ourselves up to the challenge. Twenty years after buying Venturi, I am delighted that the Group can now claim to have created the fastest ever electric vehicles on two and four wheels (Venturi VBB-3, FIA record: 549 km/h – 341 mph), but also in the four-wheel fuel cell category (Venturi VBB-2, FIA record: 487 km/h – 303 mph). On each project, we have worked openly with major companies to share with them our expertise in the field of ground-breaking technologies, and in doing so contributed to improving ecomobility. That modest contribution reflects my commitment to ensuring we are fully line with the values of the Principality in terms of sustainable development. So I am sharing these records with my country, Monaco.”

Gildo Pastor, President of Venturi