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Things every motorbiker hates

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We have compiled a non-exhaustive list of motorcycle annoyances!

The group ride faffer

We all know that person, the one who while everybody else is ready to leave, has still gotta put their earplugs in, put their helmet on, get their gloves on, then needs a wee, and then has lost their keys. He/she is the kind of person that makes the trip run late before it has even started!

The one who arrives to the meet with no fuel

Another frustration, for group rides, is when everybody is ready to go but one person forgot to fill up on the way.

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It me!

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The bikers who don’t ride their bikes

That 4-year-old Ducati for sale with 750 miles in the clock? The bikes which only ever get rolled in and out of the garage on the sunny days? It’s a shame and a waste. Bikes should be owned and enjoyed, and not used to make some money, GET OUT AND RIDE THE THING!

The one who borrows tools and never gives them back

Its infuriating that when you want to start doing a job yourself, but then as your getting all the tools ready you can’t find that one tool that is essential. Weird, but you know you had it, but then you remember you lent it to somebody and never seen it since. Don’t be this person!

The chicken strip obsessive

We get it, most of us have got one, and yes people with big ones like to brag about it all the time. Well, the opposite can be said for chicken strips, and while you might be proud of them we really don’t want to hear you keep going on about it. Let everybody ride their own ride, and enjoy their own ride in their way.

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The cost

It’s true, motorcycling is an expensive hobby, the training, the protective equipment, tax, insurance running costs and the bike itself all add up. Yes, there are some cheaper hobbies out there, but do they give you the same freedom and thrill as riding a motorcycle? We don’t think so.

The ‘I’d kill myself on a bike’ person

This one is a personal bugbear for me, and quite common in the workplace. That first ride into work and everybody notices your a biker, and when you ask if they ride ‘No mate, I will kill myself on a bike’. Why? Why would you? Just give it a go, there is nothing to worry about.

The ‘My XXXX relative was killed on a bike’ person.

Much the same as the above person, they are probably not a biker, but they once knew somebody, who knew somebody who rode a bike, got hurt, and now thinks they are dangerous. Believe me, once somebody has that mindset it’s hard for them to change it. This person is on equal par with the person that likes to tag you in all the motorcycle crash videos. Just stop it.

The billy bullshitter

We all know them, the 600’s that will do 190mph, the guy that got his knee down whilst pulling a wheelie, the guy that beat ‘insert famous racer here’ but couldn’t afford to actually go race. We get it, people like to exaggerate in their minds, but some of the stuff people say is just barmy.

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The biking stigma

Despite what goes on in Sons of Anarchy, bikers really aren’t bad people, in fact, quite the opposite. Bikers are some of the best for charity work and fundraisers. Quite often bikers do carry a negative stigma, which is unjust. Much like football hooligans, there a few mindless idiots which spoil it for the rest of us.

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When the route looks good on google maps…

but when you get there it’s boring, full of caravans, tractors or lycra warriors. Even worse there is no cafe’s anywhere near to grab a bacon butty and a brew. A day semi-ruined after so much promise.

Polite vests

At current, the worst fad in motorcycling, and believe us there are quite a few. I mean, what goes through the mind of these people that wear them? I guess not many people would own up to buying one, but I have… as a present for somebody else who said they were the worst thing ever, which they really are.