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Short: Allen Millyard’s V10 Viper powered motorcycle

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Digging through the archives has provided some footage captured for the Pagent of Power, of Allen’s V10 Dodge Viper powered motorcycle. Effectively his take on the Dodge Tomahawk, except road legal and frequently ridden. The Dodge Viper V10 engine produces 500bhp, with Allen declaring a want for a 250mph top speed.

V10 monster motorbike

Everybody knows Allen as a serious engineer with a shed, and a want to build bikes better than when the leave the factory. His bikes include a V12 Kawasaki, a Honda Six replica, the Flying Milyard which uses two aircraft engine cylinders, all of which are completely rideable.

It’s not the only bike with a V10 engine. The Boss Hoss which was origionally a V8 got an upgrade to shoehorn a V10 into the frame, but in comparison looks completely different to Allen’s version.

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