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RST Tractech Evo glove Review

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UK firm RST has become a dominant kit manufacturer now known for quality produce. RST has focused heavily on backing top-class riders and their opinions/feedback to make the best possible products. Top-quality riders generating attention both on track and the roads means every biker recognises the name RST. The RST Factory riders section is pages and pages of legendary riders, from all disciplines and ages, and who better to test these products in the hardest of circumstances? RST’s Tracktech is their premium glove, tested by UK riders both on and off the track.

RST rider
RST Tractech Gloves

All of this technology and innovations in the clothing eventually filters down to the road garments me and you will wear. Carbon fibre, jointed pinkies, and palm padding all were initially developed as comfort features for those riding at the extreme. Even modern airbag suits which are now becoming commonplace for everyday road riders started out on the racetrack.

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Finally, RST makes this kit, in a wide range of fits, and makes it affordable. They have gear for every price point and every style of rider. Whether you are lapping the track, on a long tour, just popping to the cafe or just want a nice casual T-shirt to wear whilst doing adult stuff.

Where do the RST Tractech Evo fit in the range?

A staple product in RST’s sales line is the Tractech series which includes gloves, jackets, jeans, and boots. The Tractech Evo gloves are moderately priced, with upgraded Tractech Evo R 3’s the next step up. The Evo3R’s swap cowhide leather to Kangaroo leather with a fitted aramid lining. This kangaroo leather gives a lighter glove, due to the thinner leather whilst keeping the same strength, and abrasion resistance as cowhide. The other added benefit with a thinner leather is increased feel through the palms.

RST Trachtech EVO review

I’ve worn these for 4 years, before recently upgrading. Whilst they have lasted well, the gloves are showing their old age, as wrinkles are beginning to show and the edges of the stitched on panels begin to fray. This is all only cosmetic and does not affect functionality in any way. It’s pretty impressive though as I haven’t really done any maintenance for the gloves like feeding or looking after the leather with a moisturiser.

RST gloves
Fraying and deteriorating of the leather around the stitching.

These were the first set of motorcycle gloves I bought myself. The first pair I had whilst learning was an Aldi Special buy motorcycle glove from the brand Crane. Whilst the RST gloves cost four times as much as the Crane gloves, the quality is tenfold. The crane gloves lasted me a few months whereas years from the RST gloves, and they are still good to wear.

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One factor that definitely influenced my opinion on the gloves was the big slab of carbon fibre sitting on top. My love for carbon fibre is well known, and I thought that it would give me the ultimate protection on the road.

I had a few other criteria such as a gauntlet wrist strap, as I was increasingly anxious about the glove coming off.

RST gloves
Eyeing up that big chunk of carbon fibre.

These tractech Evo’s certainly fit the bill for everything I was looking for, especially a safe and affordable glove.

A modern design used by pro racers!

The Evo is a great design encompassing modern features. With a full-length gauntlet design, double velcro closure at the cuff, and a gauntlet wrist strap with a protective leather flap.

The gloves feature ventilation on the fingers, which helps to prevent sweaty hands. When riding in the rain the mesh is fine enough to not allow water in. The cold has never been noticeable unless the temperature has dropped below 3 degrees or it’s raining.

RST tractech
Finger venting prevents sweaty palms

The small leather flap above the gauntlet wrist strap is a good idea. This makes a lower chance that the strap could come undone by accident.

Pinky binding

One thing you will get here, which you won’t on many other gloves at this price point and below, is the attached pinky binding. This prevents your pinky from separating away from your ring finger, causing damage to the hand.

You can imagine it as if you’ve bandaged those two fingers together. Whilst it doesn’t affect mobility or riding, it’s a safety feature that at first feels very awkward and weird.

RST tractec gloves
RST Tractech gloves

The downside is the simple design, whilst simplicity is cheap and usually not very technical it is slightly limiting. The protection is simple, compared to more expensive gloves. There is no scaphoid or wrist protection, leaving only the large knuckle protector and small finger bumps to rely on. Whilst this won’t necessarily be an issue for everyday touring riders or commuters, trackday hero’s might want to upgrade for a bit more protection.

Are they any good?

For a new biker, yes. These gloves are an excellent all-round glove. As you progress through your biking career, you could consider upgrading, especially if you’re looking to go out on the track where speeds may exceed normal roads.

It might sound weird for me to tell you to buy race-ready gloves for the road, but if it can protect people on trackdays, it can protect you better doing national speed limit through the peak district.

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The leather itself is fine and is stitched together with Aramid fibres. It’s not exceptional there are sometimes stray threads and in some places, the leather has rubbed through giving a tatty look.

The small “silicone powergrip” section on the palm and fingers is un-noticeable. After years of use, it’s worn and faded away.

RST tractech gloves
Practically fallen off or worn away silicone powergrip pads on the palm and fingers.

There is slight scaphoid “padding”, which feels like an additional layer of leather. this covers the bottom area of the hand near the wrist, common area for impacts with the floor, should something happen.

The tractech gloves have a large carbon knuckle protector with a memoryfoam style padding which squishes and expands to the touch.

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How do they compare?

The RST Tractech Evo’s aren’t going to be a competitor to the Knox Handroids, but a top end race glove packed with protection will easily cost another £170 compared to the RST Tractech. For a beginner motorcyclist £230 is alot to spend on a glove, so the Tractech range is perfect.

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In the sub £100 category, they’re great and for many young, new riders. These gloves can be an excellent starting point depending on your preference for gloves.