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Bennetts introduces ‘Ride Free’ campaign giving away 90 free CBT courses!

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Motorcycle insurance giants Bennetts celebrate their 90th anniversary in 2020 and with the celebration, they are giving away 90 free CBT places. The new ‘Ride Free‘ campaign offers both aspiring and returning motorcycles the chance at a free CBT place.

Bennetts new Ride Free campaign

What is a CBT?

The CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) is an assessment which lasts for two years, before lapsing and needing to be completed again. The CBT is the first step on the ladder to becoming a motorcyclist. It allows 16-year-olds to ride a 50cc motorcycle and for 17+ riders a 125cc machine. Passing a CBT allows riders to use UK roads (except motorways) whilst displaying an L plate. Costs for a CBT can vary from £100 upwards, and usually takes a single full day with a mixture of classroom instruction and practical riding, with a final on-road ride.

Did every UK motorcyclist just breath a sigh of relief at this news?

This move by Bennetts is devised to bring more people into motorcycling. Surely all should see what benefits being on two wheels brings. An online portal for submissions with the competition open from 3rd December 2020, closing on 31st January 2021.

Aimee Fuller is the Bennetts Ride Free judge

Avoid public transport!

Former Team GB Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller, will be the judge for applicants. Aimee has used her motorcycle to avoid London public transport during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Living in London, motorcycling has provided me with an efficient form of transport. But away from the city, riding gives me the perfect outlet to de-stress – going for a ride is an amazing way to clear your head. But it’s not all about riding solo, gaining my full licence has introduced me to an amazing community. With Ride Free, Bennetts have created a platform to help people go from watchers to riders – so get involved and see you on the road!”

Aimee Fuller – Former Team GB snowboarder

The online portal also gives new riders a platform of information from kit recommendations, tips and guidance on bikes and security products, and how to get started on your motorcycling journey.

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“Bennetts turned 90 in 2020 and we wanted to celebrate this milestone by giving something back to motorcycling. With Ride Free, our aim is to help make it easier to get on two wheels – be it people who’ve always thought about it or those wanting to return to riding. By funding these 90 courses alongside providing education and advice from our own experts at Bennetts BikeSocial, we hope to provide an opportunity for people to get more from motorcycling.”

Vince Chaney – Bennetts Managing Director

Supported by Bennetts rewards

Supported by the Bennetts Rewards scheme, which helps motorcyclists get more. Bennetts rewards is available to all riders, as a 12 month paid membership (or free for Bennetts insurance customers). Stocked with a range of offers and discounts on everything from kit, tech and experience days.

More riders is a great thing!

CBT training will be provided by Bennetts’ partner RideTo. RideTo has a nationwide network of training centres across the UK. Successful applicants will be notified within 10 days of competition closure. Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, courses are aimed to be completed early 2021.

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