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Honda MSX125 Grom gets an update for 2021

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Honda’s immensely popular MSX125 mini-bike gets a brand new fresh look, with quick-release panels an updated engine and new gearbox featuring a 5th gear.

2021 Honda MSX125 Grom
2021 HONDA MSX125 GROM – Honda

Since 2013, the MSX125 has been a massive hit, building on the reputation of Honda’s monkey, and the Dax, racking up over 750,000 sold units with both younger and older riders.

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Honda’s updates for the 2021 Grom sees a new 7.2kW (9.65hp) air-cooled engine, updated gearbox featuring a new 5th gear giving increased rideability and economy. The suspension remains with 31mm upsidedown forks, 12inch wheels, and front and rear disc brakes with ABS operating through an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Normally an IMU allows cornering ABS, however, there is no mention of this.

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2021 Honda MSX125 Grom
2021 MSX125 – Honda

A brand new screen features an LCD display and now shows a rev counter and gear position indicator, but the biggest change for 2021 is the new look.

2021 Honda MSX125 Grom
Grom LCD panel – Honda

Sleek new LED head and tail lights, sleeker seat unit and subframe and easy to change side panels. Six bolts per side holds the panels on taking seconds to release.

2021 Honda MSX125 Grom
2021 Honda MSX125 – Honda

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Customisation has always had a huge appeal to the Grom’s market, and there are masses amounts of aftermarket upgrades and tuning options available. This is one reason why the model is so popular, and the other, is its affordable price, but we don’t have a price on the 2021 model yet.

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