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Ducati V4 Multistrada Granturismo engine

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Ducati has released more information about what could be the hottest bike of 2021. The new V4 Multistrada has been talked about for years, ever since the original Panigale V4 arrived.

V4 engine
V4 Granturismo engine – Ducati

With Ducati ploughing money into the V4 engine, common sense would dictate this powerplant moving into more platforms, and the Multistrada is the best selling model in the Ducati lineup.

Derived from the V4S, here is what we thought!

Presented to the world via a video (so 2020), staring Claudio Domenicali (you may have heard of him before), showing off the brand new engine, ahead of the grand unveiling of the new Multistrada on the 4th November.

Better than the Twin!

The new engine betters the outgoing 1260 Testastretta twin across the board, being 1.2kg lighter, delivering 10hp more (170hp) but slightly less torque. The lower torque figure, however, should make up for the lower overall weight. This performance increase is achieved despite hitting the stringent Euro5 homologation standards.

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Although not confirmed in writing, this does seem like a big bored V4S motor. The stroke is identical to the V4S at 53.5mm, and the bore has been increased to 83mm from 81mm on the V4S. Compression ratio remains the same at 14:1, and the new Granturismo engine retains the MotoGP derived counter-rotating crankshaft.

V4 Multistrada
V4 engine components – Ducati

More efficient frame mounting

The new engine is also smaller in footprint compared to the outgoing engine, which has allowed Ducati’s engineers to mount it in the frame centrally providing benefits to the bike’s centre of gravity, which should make the bike handle better.

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Ducati has also made the engine even more durable by increasing the valve check intervals to 60,000km (37,000 miles). They have also incorporated deactivating rear bank technology to the engine, allowing the rear cylinders to be shut down when at idle. This provides “thermal comfort” to the rider and passenger and should also reduce fuel consumption slightly.

Did the best seller just get better?

Either way, this new Multistrada V4 should be a weapon to the already best selling Ducati model. We can’t wait to give the new engine a try!

V4 Multistrada
V4 Valvetrain – Ducati

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