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National Highways revises best practices for road design with motorcyclists in mind

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The motorcycle working group, set up by Highways England in 2015 has put together creative input to the National Highways to make the UK road network safer for motorcyclists. This group provides specialist info and briefings to the needs of motorcyclists.

Ducati V4S review

Ducati V4S
Can the reduction of road furniture make the roads safer?

National Highways published the ‘Guide to Designing for Motorcyclists’ document, sowing best practice designs for highways engineers. This document is aimed at providing a reminder of issues faced by motorcyclists and how to maximise safety, minimise risks and highlight particular changes made to the DMRB (Design Manual for Roads and Bridges), the design guidelines and best practices for road design.

New road design standards

New measures include repositioning of manhole covers away from the road, applying a skid-resistant cover if in the road, removing old road markings before applying new markings, and applying skid resistant coatings in areas where a motorcycle may have reduced grip.

Horseshoe pass speed limit gets reduced to 40mph!

Other recommendations include roadside furniture such as posts, signs and barriers being thought about more, asking designers to avoid placing such items on the outside of bends and reducing the amount of furniture used in general. Other guidelines include the design of bends, junctions and roundabouts to further reduce the risk to motorcyclists when navigating these.

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