MCE Insurance parent company falls into administration

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When it comes to motorcycle insurance MCE were a big name. Former BSB title sponsors, with the blocked that walked around with a big head, can’t remember his name. Unfortunately, MCE UK’s parent company based out of Gibraltar operating under a freedom of services basis, to UK customers, have filed for administration. Policies were sold through a UK broker (MCE UK) who are honouring any existing policies for UK bikers.

MCE Insurance
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Gibraltars supreme court received paperwork from the 19th November, around the same time that MCE put out a statement stating they would not be taking out any new policies. In theory, existing policyholders should have to do nothing, as the current cover is still valid from the UK broker. All claims, admin and management of policies has been handled through the UK broker, which has not gone into administration. Contacts through the website, and through the phone and emails to customer services should still work, however, there may be a delay in response times.

It is thought that the UK broker will be looking for alternative arrangements for new business, and for existing customers wishing to renew.

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