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Bridgestone RS10 review

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Back in 2009, Bridgestone took over from Michelin to provide the Moto GP Championship with tyres. The Bridgestone RS10 directly encompasses technology derived from the time spent as the sole tyre supplier to the championship.

Bridgestone RS10 review
Fresh Rubber!

Bridgestone RS10 – MotoGP Inspired rubber for the road

As we all know, Moto GP technology eventually trickles down to production road bikes. Wings, quick shifters and counter-rotating crankshafts have all appeared on road bikes that everyday riders can enjoy. The same happens with tyre designs and compounds.

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The Bridgestone RS10 is one of those Moto GP based tyres. Designed for high-performance machines on both road and track. Since its introduction in 2015, it quickly became the manufacturer supplied tyre of choice for many hypersport models. The list includes the new GSXR, Ninja H2 and of course the ultimate road-going weapon, RCV213V-S.

Despite being four years old, it still sits proudly in Bridgestone’s range. The latest RS11 offering from the Japanese tyre genius’ is appearing on new 2019 model Superbikes. Howeever, the old RS10 is still a common sight, and easier to get hold of. The RS11 is only available in OE spec, which boasts a single compound construction. The RS10 is available is multiple arangments including dual and single compounds.

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The Bridgestone RS10 Boasted a 1.5 second faster lap time than the outgoing BT003RS in their tests at Autopolis. Of course, you have to take the time with a pinch of salt, but the common consensus is the new construction is a big step forward. Thanks to a new compound, stiffer structure, and revised shape. It is available in all standard sizes from 120 to 200 profile. The tread on the tyre surface is minimal, and looks as sporty, much the same as many other fast-road/track day tyres commonly available.

Also on the list of OE fitment is the Yamaha R1, and as I have one, it’s my test mule. Standard size on the R1 is a 120/70/R17 front with a 190/55/R17 rear.

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Bridgestone RS10 mileage

Bridgestone RS10 wear
Squared off but some life left after 3000 miles

In the year I have owned the R1 I am on my second rear, and still the original front. Currently, on 4300 miles, I managed around 3000 out of the first rear. For a hyper sport tyre on a bike with high horsepower and lots of motorway trips, I was extremely pleased with that lifespan. It had squared off, but it still had life left, and the squared-off profile didn’t affect the handling drastically. As the bike was coming apart for its winter clean, I thought it wise to get it done then rather than have the bike off the road when the good weather came.

Bridgestone RS10 review
Chicken strip central

The feeling is excellent no matter what the temperature, they get hot to the touch and provide more than enough grip for wobblers like me. I have mainly stuck to standard recommended pressures, only deviating by one or two PSI during the summer, to try fattening up the contact patch. They warm up quickly and provide ample confidence thanks to the profile of the tyre. They are a perfect match for the R1 with their quick steering and pinpoint accuracy.

Bridgestone RS10 wear

The wear pattern is good, and even across the carcass, and I haven’t noticed any hotspots or issues with the tread. Everything is uniform, and as you would expect, even after a spirited ride the wear is good and shows the tyre is working well.

Bridgestone RS10 wear
Nice even wear from a summer beating

Going through a winter on the Bridgestone RS10’s, provided zero drama to my surprise. Usually, riding through winter on a summer tyre can be a nervous affair, but they handled absolutely everything thrown at them. There were plenty of wet rides, rides in low ambient temperatures, and plenty of mucky roads. Rain isn’t an issue; they are quite happy to plod along and continue gripping. I have seen the traction control light flicker sometimes when in the wet while powering on over painted surfaces, but I would expect that with any tyre.

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The RS10 is a tyre that was released in 2015 and still impresses. I can’t wait to get my hands on Bridgestone’s 2019 RS11 model.

Pricing for a pair of RS10 in the combination of 120/190 is around the £250 mark. The tyre life is surprisingly good, I feel that anything over 3k from a rear hyper sport tyre on a modern 1000cc is commendable.

In 2021, and with the brand new RS11 now available prices for the Bridgestone RS10 have dropped, if you can take the none latest rubber.

Find out more information on the rs10 on the bridgestone website