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Rest easy Zef Eisenberg, the British Speed freak

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Zef Eisenberg

It is with sadness to report that British Ultra-speed racer Zef Eisenberg passed away during an incident at RAF Elvington on 1st October, aged 47. Zef was killed whilst driving his 1500hp Porsche 911 Turbo S, at a Straightliners event in an attempt to break the British land speed record attempt.

Motorsport UK “Yesterday [October 1] at Elvington Airfield, Zef was attempting to break the British Land Speed Record in a Porsche 911 Turbo S, at an event organised by Straightliners Ltd/UKTA”.

“At 16.30, the car went out of control at high speed at the end of a run. Local police and ambulance crews attended, however, the driver tragically died at the scene.”

Zef Eisenberg
Zef Eisenberg

Making the worlds most extreme vehicles

Self-proclaimed Speed freak Zef, was the founder of Maximuscle nutrition products, but it was evident that speed was an obsession. Forming the Guernsey-based Madmax race team in 2011, Zef and his team worked with the best engineers and scientists to develop some of the worlds most extreme vehicles. Taking multiple world speed records with Motorbikes, cars, quads and other land vehicles. Just from a motorcycle point of view, the records are unbelievable including the fastest naked motorbike.

Eisenberg racing, builds bespoke high-speed cars and bikes, particularly the Eisenberg V8. Working with Prodrive the two created a limited production run of a 480hp V8 motorcycle, considered the most powerful production motorcycle, seeing 225mph top speed and a 10,500 rpm rev limit. The launch was hoped for 2021 with a cost of around £160,000.

Eisenberg V8 – Eisenberg Racing

TT Zero, University of Nottingham

Not content with just tuning combustion engines, Zef and his team re-engineered the IOM TT zero entry from the University of Nottingham to settle some unfinished business. The double heartbreaking story that saw Daley Mathison killed the day before the IOM TT Zero race at TT 2019, never getting chance to race the updated project for that year which was hotly anticipated to take the top spot on the podium. Zef promised Daley’s wife Natalie, that the Nottingham bike would be taken to world record glory.

Zef riding the UoN electric bike – Auto Evolution

Re-engineering and making the bike even more powerful, Eisenberg smashed four FIM world speed records, on the bike, whilst wearing Daley’s trademark Daisy knee sliders.

List of some records

This list of accolades Zef achieved could fill this website alone, but the list includes:-

  • Guinness world record – Fastest 2 way mile average turbine motorcycle – 225.4mph.
  • British record – Fastest Naked motorcycle – 225.4mph
  • World land speed record – Fastest Naked motorcycle – Peak 234.01mph
  • Fastest production motorcycle @ Pendine sands – 186mph
  • World Sand speed record for a motorcycle – 201.5mph
  • Worlds fastest unfaired electric motorcycle – 197mph

234mph Motorcycle crash

2016 saw Zef crash his turbine-powered motorcycle at 234mph, widely believed to be the fastest survived motorcycle crash. Presumed dead, he was airlifted to hospital, breaking 11 bones including Pelvis, femur and hip. He made a recovery and got back to doing what he loved.

Zef Eisenberg Turbine bike

Away from speed, Zef was a highly successful businessman forming Sports nutrition company Maximuscle which changed the game. Being the first UK company to have its products screened to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) rules, it had a huge range of nutritional products aimed at active people.

The Royal Automotive Club (RAC) awarded Zef the Simms medal in May 2019, for an outstanding contribution to motoring innovation.

Godspeed Zef