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Carbon Ducati V4SP released!

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Launched at episode 3 of Ducati’s world premier virtual event, is the new Ducati Panigale V4SP. Expanding the range of the V4 engined bikes which includes the V4R, V4S, and the V4 Multistrada. The new V4 SP (Sport Production) takes lineage from the first SP which was released on the Ducati 851, which formed the basis of the racing machinery used in the Sport Production Championship, which we now know as superstock. Basically put, the SP model is a production bike, with special equipment making it lighter, faster and better for track use.

Ducati V4SP
Ducati V4SP- Ducati

The new V4SP differs from the existing V4S, with a number of changes including a different graphics livery, a machined billet steering head, uniquely numbered to each bike, with a further developed chassis and engine all of which reduced the dry weight between the two models by 1kg.

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The special edition paint job is inspired by the World Superbike and MotoGP winter test liveries of Ducati Corse machinery. Matte black fairings, with carbon fibre wheels and winglets with contrasting Ducati red accents and the trademark Ducati racing Brushed aluminium fuel tank.

Ducati Panigale V4SP
Panigale V4SP

With the V4 Supperleggera being released last year with carbon wheels, Ducati has passed this down to the new SP model, with the lightweight 5-spoke wheels. Not stopping there the exclusive Brembo Stylema R calipers, master cylinder and adjuster are fitted to the SP model as well.

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The carbon fibre wheels show a 1.4kg weight saving over forged aluminium models, helping the bike change direction easier.

Ducati V4 Supperleggera
Ducati’s V4 Superleggera with carbon wheels – Ducati

The engine of the SP is equipped with the Dry clutch system, which is an advantage on track, however not in-town riding. Drive is also transferred to the rear wheel via a 520 pitch chain and sprocket, which saves some weight.

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The rider benefits from adjustable billet aluminium footpegs, ensuring optimal comfort for the rider and carbon fibre mudguards saving some weight and adding the bling factor. The bike also comes with accessories for use on track days such as open clutch covers and caps to remove the number plate holder and mirrors. The bike comes with the DDA kit (Ducati Data Analyser) and telemetry kit with he GPS module which allows analysis of track performance.

Ducati V4SP
Custom Yoke- Ducati

This bike is no doubt aimed at the track day enthusiast, who wants to go fast, and has the cash to splash. Ducati says that an amateur riding the V4SP would be quicker than riding the more demanding V4R.

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For racing, though this would be harder, as the 1103cc engine makes it ineligible for superbike entries, and carbon rims are not allowed either, so this has to purely be an enthusiast track day weapon.

V4SP wings
V4 SP wings – Ducati

The engine makes the same 214hp claimed as the standard V4s, and this will rise even more with the Akrapovic race map and exhaust, and also save some extra weight.

V4SP Dry Clutch
V4SP Dry Clutch – Ducati

Word has it, the V4SP price is £30,495 more than a standard V4S, but less than the V4R. Delivery is expected to start from March 2021. No details have been released about the production run numbers, whether it will be a limited run or a continuous batch like the V4R.