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New Multistrada V4 range unveiled

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What currently stands as 2020’s worst kept secret is the new Multistrada V4. We knew it was coming for months, with Ducati first unveiling it’s new engine and then releasing the new tech like it’s radar-guided cruise control before the bike was even released. Those strategically accidental ‘Testing spy photos’ that get leaked also spoil the surprise.

V4 Multistrada
V4 Multistrada – Ducati

With the first episode of Ducati’s new World premier event, we finally got the news that we were expecting in the form of a new V4 Multistrada. Since it’s introduction in 2010 Ducati maintained the Multistrada was ‘four bikes in one’, and the new V4 keeps this mentality.

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The new bike features a brand new Granturismo engine. The 170hp V4 features a MotoGP electronics package and an updated chassis which makes an ‘exciting and effective ride in mixed terrain.’ Having also increased the valvetrain inspection services to 60,000km (37,500 miles) gives this bike great distance capacity.

The best gets better?

Arguably Ducati’s best seller of recent years, selling over 110,000 units since the first 2003 model. The 2010 update saw it as the first bike ever to have adjustable rider modes means the Multistrada really has been a game-changer.

Multistrada seat height
2021 V4 Multistrada – Ducati

The new fourth generation Multistrada once again has shaken it up. The new V4 engine, ensures class leading performance and chart topping specifications, and with the addition of new features revolutionises the way we look at bikes.

Revised bodywork

Drawing inspiration from the Panigale, the Muiltistrada V4 gets revised bodywork incorporating Daylight running lights (DRL), radar units for the active cruise control all hidden away. Ducati has done a great job of protecting the rider from the wind but also using the airflow to cool the rider. The fuel tank is 22 litres, which gives plenty of range for touring.

V4 Adaptive cruise control
Adaptive cruise control radar – Ducati

Moto GP derived engine

It was no secret the V4 powerplant was going to hit the Multistrada platform, that cat left the bag months ago. Even so, a revised V4S lump that produces 170hp, and bucketloads of torque should propel this bike to rocketship speeds whilst still being comfortable. First gear has been shortened to easy slow-speed manoeuvrability, uphill starts and 6th has been increased in an effort to increase economy on motorway cruises.

Of course being a V4 from the Ducati V4S the Multistrada gains the addition of a counter rotating crankshaft, the Moto GP technology which lessens the inertia from both wheels spinning, aiding cornering and handling.

Ducati Multistrada
V4 Multistrada – Ducati

Maintenance intervals have been increased to 15,000km (9000miles) for an oil service, and the valvetrain needs inspection every 60,000km, the longest in the market.

Class-leading electronics package

The outgoing Multistrada wasn’t exactly a stone age, pre-technology bike, but the new 2021 Multistrada V4 gets even more tech. Wheelie control, traction control, cornering lights, hold control, and of course Skyhook suspension all feature. New features include a revolutionary radar system which works with Adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection systems. These have been developed in conjunction with Bosch, and should help the rider.

TFT Screen
TFT dashboard – Ducati

Further increasing rider aids is the 6.5inch TFT dashboard, with revised gauges and menus. The S version of the Multi, gains a switchgear joystick, for easy navigation. The Ducati connect system allows mobile phone pairing via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allowing music, navigation and phone calls.

V4 Joystick
V4 Switchgear – Ducati

Multistrada V4 Seat height focus

We all know that touring bikes are tall, so for the vertically challenged rider (like myself), Ducati has made the seat height on the V4 Multistrada adjustable to two positions. 860mm and 840mm with the standard seat and a low seat option drops this to 810mm and a high seat option takes it up to 875mm.

V4S Multistrada
quite the looker – Ducati

The chassis itself has had its wheelbase reduced, its weight reduced and load capacity increased. Win. Ducati engineers focused on rider comfort, reducing wind, noise, vibration and heat. Larger screens, air channels, and switching off a bank of cylinders when stopped all help. Furthermore, heated grips and seats are available as optional upgrades.

Three trim levels

The Multistrada V4 will come in three trim levels, (V4, V4S and S Sport). Much seems to be the common way of doing things is the bike will be built in the factory to a spec, and then any options will be fitted by the delivering dealership.

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The standard V4 model, gets Marzocchi mechanical suspension whereas the S and S Sport models get electronic suspension. Other differences for the base V4 model are a smaller TFT screen, at 5inches over 6.5inch.

The V4S Multistrada has the choice between aluminium or spoked wheels, Full LED headlamps with DRL’s and cornering lights. Hands-free ignition, Bluetooth connectivity, up and down Quickshifter along with cruise control and hold control.

The V4S Sport Multistrada gets all the previous of the V4S, with a special paint job, and Akrapovic titanium/carbon fibre end can, and carbon fibre front mudguard.

Multistrada exhaust
Carbon fibre / Titanium exhaust – Ducati

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