Fri. Jan 24th, 2020


Everything about motorcycles


Alex is passionate about bikes of any form and always gets off a bike with a huge smile on his face, whether it be a mini moto or the latest superbike. Also just as happy hitting things with hammers and throwing spanners around. Does not like cleaning bikes.
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The annual highlight of the Mugello Grand Prix, despite the racing, is seeing the new Rossi Mugello design.Valentino Rossi and...

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Self-proclaimed motorcycle artists do it again - MV Agusta FINALLY Confirmed as going into production is the hottest concept bike...

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Further training and advanced riding is often a taboo subject. Many riding schools coach students to pass both tests. Many...

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"Well it's cheating a bit ain't it? RR's, Gixers, blades and R1's are all 1000cc. Why have they made the...

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