Rossi Mugello 2019 helmet!

Rossi designs through the years

The annual highlight of the Mugello Grand Prix, despite the racing, is seeing the new Rossi Mugello design.
Valentino Rossi and Aldo Drudi work together to make special editions each year for both Mugello, and Misano.

Rossi designs through the years
Rossi designs through the years

Over the years they have varied from tributes to legends to comedy helmets. It’s safe to say they all look fantastic.
The 2019 AGV Pista GP R sees a much simpler design compared to previous years. A simple Tricoloure Italian flag brush stroke design.
The simple design is very mature and mellow in comparison. When AGV put it into production, I foresee this selling in BIG numbers.
We have dubbed it the ‘Watermelon’, and once you see it, you can’t forget. Sorry.

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