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Almax Series IV chain and Squire lock review

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Almax Series IV Chain
Image courtesy of Almax Security Chains Ltd.

In need of a security chain and lock for the SV650, I trawled the internet to find the ultimate Anti-Bastard bike thief chain and lock combo. I was directed to the Almax Youtube channel where they displayed an attempt at cutting the Series IV chain with some serious bolt cutters.

Almax series IV Destruction test

Even with two blokes hanging on, the chain couldn’t be cut within 5 minutes. This is the time set as the standard for motorcycle security devices.

Almax also claims resistance to hacksaw attacks, adding to their impressive anti-theft reputation.

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Almax Series IV Specs

Almax design their chains focused on security at home. They user larger diameter links, which gives great anti-cropping characteristics, however, this increases the weight of the chain. Primarily used for garage security, where chains don’t need to be carried in a top box or in a bag.

If you need to carry it, you will need time in the gym because this thing is heavy. The 1-meter chain weighs around 6kg, and the 2.5m chain comes in at 15kg. That’s some serious heft to prevent theft.

We recommend going for the 1.5 or 2-meter chain for most users, but this comes down to personal preference and how you store your motorcycle. 1 meter is short, but for bikes, with wider wheels, the extra length will help out.

Almax Series IV Chain
Almax series IV chain

Almax chains would be happy attaching anchors to boats. Boasting links that are 19mm thick, almost double other chains on the market.

Patented technology with the Almax chain

Not only are the links beefy, but they are manufactured with Almax’s patented process for hardening, which removes some of the consequences of normal industry hardening processes.
Each link is coated in Almax’s black electrophoresis plating to prevent rust and wear/tear which would normally occur on Zinc electroplated chains.

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Almax Series IV Chain
Cordura covering helps prevent cutting with abrasive wheels

The links themselves are covered with a (Burgundy colour for the series IV) Cordura 1000 Denier fabric sleeve to prevent scratches and damage (other than the exposed link at each end). This covering also helps minimise access to chain links and can provide better resistance to abrasive cutting discs from angle grinders, than an exposed link alone.

The Squire Locks SS65CS

Included with the Almax Series IV chain is the option to add in their Squire lock. This is the SS65CS, the younger brother of the SS80CS, which is regarded as being one of the biggest and strongest locks on the market, and one of the hardest padlocks to crack.

Almax Squire SS65CS
Squire SS65CS

This beefy lock has a plastic case to limit damage from ground impact. It also has a rubber storm cover to prevent rust from developing in the keyway, which usually makes locks stiff and harder to open.

The 12.7mm hardened boron shackle is housed in a sturdy steel-alloy body. The lock itself weighs almost as much as a house brick, perfect for the above land anchor chain.

Do any of these on this list frustrate you?

The lock mechanism is tested against being picked, drilled or bumped open. Cleverly Squire employs a restricted system regarding spare keys. Blank keys aren’t handed out to regular locksmiths and are only available through select distributors, and keys are only reproduced with the identity card supplied with the lock.

250,000 key combinations gives tiny odds

With Almax producing over 250,000 different keys for the squire locks, it’s very rare two randomly selected keys will fit the same lock. Extensive number crunching in Excel generates a circa 0.0000000016% chance a random key will open the lock. To put that into perspective other manufactures have been seen with a 1 in 12 chance.

Even after 4 years of use and abuse, it’s in almost perfect condition, most of the wear and tear is absorbed by the plastic casing.

4 Years of use for the Almax Series IV

Despite constantly being undone and moved about chain has minimal scratches and blemishes. I guess scratches and blemishes are of minimal concern in a security product as long as the main functionality is still present.

Expected normal wear and tear happened to the two exposed links, but this is only the outer coating of the chain being removed over time and this doesn’t compromise the integrity of the chain.

Almax Series IV Chain after 4 years of use.

The Squire lock itself doesn’t have any significant marks or damage. The shackle is rust free and there’s only scratches to the outer casing. The mechanism still works a treat and has no hint of seizure.

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I don’t think that I could be happy with a non-Almax chain after using this. The weight and quality of the chain have kept me reassured that my bike isn’t going anywhere! The only slight downside is that it is more focused on being a ground anchor at home, and not very portable. Almax do, smaller chains for on the move.

Squire SS65CS lock review

From the Almax website, you can purchase the Series IV chain alone, or with the squire lock in a bundle deal.

On offer is the Series IV chain, Squire SS65CS Squire lock or the upgraded package which replaces the SS65CS with it’s bigger brother, the SS80CS.

Almax Ground anchor is available too

Almax also includes a bundle which throws in an additional defiant ground anchor.

The 1-meter chain alone is priced at £89.95 and ranges up to £184.95 for the 2.5-meter chain.

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Almax security
Almax security bundle with chain, lock and ground anchor

The Squire SS65CS bundle also includes the chain and SS65CS for £154.95 for the 1-meter variant and the option to upgrade to the SS80CS for an extra £30.

It may sound expensive, but there is a reason why. You are paying for top-notch quality and protection that for many people, has prevented their bike from being stolen.
Almax includes a 10-year warranty, longer than any other chain manufacturer.

Although, after 4 years with only scratches and minor wear/tear, you won’t be needing it unless something serious and unfortunate happens.

You can check out the range of “no compromise” security products on the Almax website.

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