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Motorcycle films: Episode 3.

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It’s week 3 of the lockdown film festival. Here is another batch of great videos to watch and a few bonus extras!

1. Toni Bou vs Adam Raga at the Indoor Motorcycle trails 2018

GOAT trails rider Toni Bou takes on Adam Raga at a series of complex, indoor trails events. Both riders show incredible bike control while clearing the obstacles. Sit back, relax and be thankful it’s them and not you!

Does the Ducati V4S tick all the boxes?

2. Onboard lap with Horst Saiger – Macau GP,

Road racer Horst Saiger takes for a lap around Macau on his Yamaha R1. Turn the volume up and enjoy the crossplane soundtrack, as we dance between the barriers.

3. Sons of Speed – Racing 100-year-old bikes

No gears, no suspension, no clutch, no brakes, direct-drive, and the bike is named ‘Death Trap’, oh and it’s over 100 years old. Reviving the classic American races, Sons of Speed takes a brief look into the guys and girls bringing back the origins of motorcycle racing. A glimpse into the “murderdome”, Sons of Speed lets us see the old bikes, bought back and raced around the oval. Keep your eyes peeled for some famous faces.

Watch Sons of Speed here

Are the Metzeler Roadtec 01 the perfect tyre?

4. A history of the GSX-R

The Japanese icon Suzuki GSX-R has evolved from the original 1985 figure which changed sports bikes, to the 200hp championship-winning powerhouse GSXR1000—cementing itself into history as one of the most popular bikes throughout generations. Despite this, the GSXR has humble origins, and many of the original designers from 1985 still work within Suzuki headquarters to this day.

5. David Beckham: Into the Unknown (BBC / Netflix UK)

Believe it or not, it’s sometimes in professional sportspersons contracts to not ride motorcycles. So when these professionals retire, they have lots of time, to do things previously there were not allowed to do. Enter David Beckham, a lifelong bike fan, with a serious bike collection. What better experience than to take some Triumph Bonnevilles, some mates and travel through the Amazon in Brazil on David’s dream trip. It gives us a different insight into a celeb we know for kicking a ball around.

Jack Miller, Cal Crutchlow sit down comedy.

The pair of jokers, sit down with a microphone for 7mins of golden one-liners!

7. A relaxing ride through Stelvio Pass

Starting from the town of Bormio, this ride through the Italian section of the Alps is on our bucket list. With perfect roads, tight hairpins and scenery that Bob Ross could have painted, a trip up the Alps on a sunny day is a beautiful sight to behold.

The bonus stuff

8. Ride with Norman Reedus (Amazon Prime video)

Norman Reedus, that bloke from the walking dead with a motorcycle, made a few seasons of his show based around American road trips. In season one, we look into California’s electric motorcycles, the Roland Sands Design studio as well as cool guest riders along the way.

9. Speed is My Need (Netflix UK)

A documentary looking at the life and world of World Superbikes and British Superbikes. Featuring interviews with riders, technicians, living legends and scientists who explain what goes on before during and after the rider turns the throttle.

Considering your A2 licence? have a look at our guide to the A2 licence

10. Hitting the Apex (Amazon Prime video)

Following the MotoGP years from the mid-2000s onwards, Hitting the Apex shows us the drama and tragedy of Grand Prix racing. Brad Pitt narrates the story, showing the rise of Marc Marquez, and the drama that has happened to one of motor racings greatest stars, Valentino Rossi.

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